Growing old can be a difficult process – you can feel more fatigued, not as fit, and parts of the body you rely on begin to slow down. However when it comes to your heart rate, growing old is only one of the factors that can lead to atrial fibrillation and cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats); including heart valve diseases or ischemic heart disease.

Patients who are diagnosed with atrial fibrillation are at high risk of developing disabling strokes and heart failure, if not detected early enough. Shockingly atrial fibrillation (AF) affects 1–2% of the population, and is estimated to double in the next 50 years as the population ages. The harsh realisation of this heart condition, is that it can severely shorten a human’s life span, despite the number of drugs prescribed to try and stabilize the heart condition.  

However Burjeel Hospital’s new technology – Cryo Ablation has been deigned in the hope to prevent/ stabilize atrial fibrillation. This advanced heart tissue freezing technology, will hopefully treat the more high risk cardiac arrhythmias, subsequently reducing the risk of stroke.

Dr, Walid Shaker, Consultant and head of cardiac surgery, in Burjeel hospital, had a very interesting case, where 34 year old Mohamed Riaz was suffering from shortness of breath and irregular fast heart beats (AF). He was quickly diagnosed as severe Mitral valve regurgitation due to degenerative heart disease and rapid atrial fibrillation. His disease affected his life style and his work, and had been hospitalised on numerous occasions due to his illness. However no doctor had been able to stabilise or cure the young man’s heart condition.  

With Mr. Riaz’s severe case, Burjeel Hospital planned the best strategy to treat the heart without causing too much trauma. Dr. Walid Shaker said “we decided to use the advanced technology to help him by repairing his mitral valve and treat his atrial fibrillation (AF). The cryo Ablation is a technology used to destroy the abnormal conduction pathway and focus in the heart (the bad tissues) by freezing technology down to -100 C”.

This freezing destruction follows a special pathway map after fully studying the heart conduction and focus initiating the disease. This Cryo technology used to treat renal and endocrinal malignancies successfully and now recently used to treat heart problems.


Due to the success of the new Cryo technology, Mr. Riaz can enjoy a better life with a healthy heart valve and regular controlled heart beats. Dr. Walid Shaker goes on to say “that more importantly, Mr Riaz is now no longer at risk of stroke any more”.

“We are proud about the result thanks to the new CRYO technology used in Burjeel hospital Abu Dhabi” – Dr. Walid Shaker.                                                           


Source: markettiers