According to a recent study, over 90% of UAE residents suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. While sunlight exposure is a good way to increase Vitamin D levels, in this Summer heat NRTC Fresh has an easier way to up your Vitamin D intake than sweating outside: a selection of fruit and vegetables high in Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is important as it plays a vital role in bone health as well as in nerve, muscle and immune function. Our bodies can actually make and absorb Vitamin D from sunshine. If you’re looking for ways to include more Vitamin D in your life without having to go outside, NRTC Fresh has a few fruit and vegetables to help you:

1. Mushrooms: Mushrooms also have high levels of iron, so combined with Vitamin D, works together for healthier bones.

2. Broccoli: Broccoli has high levels of Vitamin D and is also full of iron too. Brocolli can be easily added steamed or boiled as a side dish to most meals.

3. Avocado: Not only does avocado have plenty of Vitamin D, it also helps reduce inflammation, lowering redness and also fighting wrinkles thereby making it highly recommended in a balanced diet.

4. Papaya: Papaya is great eaten on its own, in fruit salads or even in savoury Asian dishes. The papaya is also high in fibre which is great for digestion.

5. Peach: Peaches should be a staple in your fruit basket. They have high levels of Vitamin D and also help prevent the risk of Type 1 diabetes as they show a significant decrease in blood sugar levels, thanks to their high fiber content.

The above fruit and vegetables can be ordered through NRTC Fresh, an online fresh fruits and vegetables platform in the UAE.

The baskets and boxes start from just AED 55 for 5 KGs of fresh produce. NRTC Fresh also promises same-day delivery for orders placed before 2PM and free delivery for orders valued over AED 80.

Source: popcomms