With summer just around the corner, travel plans are due. People love taking time off to travel and visit their families back home. Also, children like taking a break from studying and the school routine to enjoy their vacation with lots of fun activities. In this situation, it’s easy to ignore some of the routines that are usually part of your life. Like brushing, for example, children want to skip the nighttime ritual more and more.

Here are some tips from Drs. Nicolas & Asp on how to take care of your teeth during the summer to guarantee a smooth, fun-filled season.

1- Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water helps your entire body, including your mouth and teeth.
2- Avoid sugary sports drinks and energy drinks as much as possible. The summer heat may leave you feeling drained, but too much sugar causes cavities, so save yourself the trouble.
3- Fresh juices are refreshing in the heat, but juices are also high in sugar content. Limit the sugar intake to meal times to help avoid cavities.

4- It’s important to practice proper dental hygiene. Make sure you follow the daily routine of brushing and flossing twice a day. As much as fun and laziness might beckon, resist the temptation and adhere to the routine.
5- If you are going away on holiday, get your teeth scaled and polished from any plaque or calculus for a fresh healthy smile.
6- Schedule a visit with your dentist to detect any underlying problems, and get everything sorted before you travel. Make sure you are dentally-prepared early enough before your travel date and finishing any pending dental treatments or procedures to avoid emergencies.
7- If you are participating in tough sports such as rugby or boxing, make sure you wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth.

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