Health and wellness enthusiasts are well acquainted with Kombucha, the fermented tea drink that is packed with probiotics has witnessed a rise in popularity recently and until now was hard to find in the UAE market. Thanks to homegrown brand Saba Kombucha, fans of the drink can now purchase it online and in select stores across the country.

Brewed locally in Dubai, Saba Kombucha was created by Vincent, who is a pioneer of the organic snack industry in France and his wife Sabrina, together they share a vision of promoting a healthy and happy life while supporting local industries here in the UAE.

Infused with probiotics and electrifying enzymes, Saba Kombucha is a fermented tea that is jam packed with nutrients that are 100% raw, organic, low in sugar and unpasteurized.

“Our body needs good bacteria which can be killed during pasteurization. This is why all Saba Kombucha drinks are left unpasteurized to keep all probiotics and good bacteria intact, to support digestion and whole body balance. Our Kombucha has been specially brewed for this market using a unique technique to make it compliant with F&B laws and regulations in the UAE” says Vincent Vandenabeele, founder of Saba Kombucha

The all-natural brewed beverage is also known to provide ample health benefits such as strengthening the immune system, aiding weight loss, reducing toxins in the liver, protecting the body against harmful bacteria and improving digestion and gut health.

“According to Statistica, the global kombucha market was worth US$1.06 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach just under 2 billion by 2020. These figures show that Kombucha is not a fad and is a wellness drink that has been around for at least two millennia. The market growth is very encouraging and we are looking forward to disrupting the UAE beverage industry with the introduction of Saba Kombucha” says Sabrina, co-founder of Saba Kombucha.

All Saba Kombucha’s fermented tea contains a range of organic herbs, handpicked from a French herboriste and have a perfect balance of sweet and sour taste that tingles the taste bud just the right way.

Saba Kombucha can be purchased from Kibsons online and all Organic Cafes in the UAE.

Source: POP Communications