Taking care of ourselves and staying healthy has never been so prevalent, and with this in mind, serial health and fitness entrepreneur, Natasha Rudatsenko has launched her first online two-day seminar where you can learn functional health principles that conventional medicine fails to talk about. Also affectionately known as Health Nag, Natasha will be nagging about all of the things you need to know in order to help heal yourself naturally.

Natasha will be deep diving into the below common health issues and discussing all practical holistic solutions:

·         Gut Health

·         Thyroid and Hormonal Health

·         How to Detoxify Heavy Metals

·         How to Effectively Manage Stress

·         Foods that Heal

·         Supplements and which Brands are the Best

·         Questions & Answers

The prices for Health Uncovered are as follows:

·         Early Bird Price – AED300

·         Standard Price – AED400 (after 17th March 2020)

Stop existing and start living! Your health is in her hands and her mission is to give you the tools.

Source: tishtash