Struggling to find the balance between body and mind? Clinique La Prairie’s exclusive health and wellness experience is the answer to reinvigorate, recharge and stay strong.

Discover a selection of therapies offered exclusively at Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland’s luxurious Health clinic and award-winning SPA, to enhance your life and renew your energy levels.

IV Drips and perfusions therapies
Clinique La Prairie includes a detailed analysis of the body and includes infusion drips and perfusions to sustain wellbeing. Each drip contains a carefully selected combination of essential vitamins, minerals or antioxidants. The blend of nutrients in well-defined quantities allows us to target your specific needs, while promoting anti-aging and whole-body health.

Contrast of heat and cold for your wellbeing​
Heat and cold energies, as therapeutic tools, are used in their programs in various combinations, from total immersion to experiences that leverage dilation and contraction. The many health benefits of these therapies include stimulating blood circulation and respiratory tracts, deeply relaxing the body to combat stress more effectively, calming muscle pains, maintaining the body’s homeostasis.

Experience the one-month CLP Antioxidant Boost cure
Based on 100% natural ingredients like birch, hibiscus flowers, elderberries, artichoke leaves, milk-thistle leaves, turmeric rhizomes, green tea leaves, fennel leaves and blueberry leaves, this one-month cure helps to purify and detoxify the body. It drains and strengthens microcirculation, assists digestion and regulates transit, boosting your energy to its fullest.

Use nutrients to increase your energy levels
By simply selecting specific micronutrients in the food, Clinique La Prairie can beneficially modulate core physiological processes such as energy metabolism and cerebral blood-flow reducing fatigue incidence and improving physical/mental recovery.

Enjoy the extraordinary power of exclusive health and wellness programmes at Clinique La Prairie for an essential recharge to a renewed mind and body.

Since re-opening in June, Clinique la Prairie has been implementing thorough health and safety measures, as advised by the Swiss government and complemented by additional measures, to ensure guests are well protected and can relax in the knowledge that the appropriate protocols are in place.

Source: theqode