Luxury spa and wellness destination Clinique La Prairie has introduced a new Epigenetic screening service and relaunched its iconic Revitalisation programme to celebrate 90 years of pioneering the science of longevity.

“How fast are you aging? This is a question that can now be answered at Clinique La Prairie. As of February 2021, advanced Epigenetic assessment will be available thanks to a collaboration between the clinic and Genknowme, an innovative life science company specialising in analysing the effects of lifestyle on how genes get switched "on" or "off", and how these processes are closely linked with wellbeing, health and aging.

This unique DNA reading measures the biological age and the reversible impacts of our daily choices on genes, using these next-generation insights to help guests maintain a healthy lifestyle through bespoke plans. The blood-based test and assessment can be added to any program.

Meanwhile, the Revitalisation signature programme includes DNA testing, complete screenings and new innovative treatments in each of Clinique La Prairie’s four pillars – Medical, Wellbeing, Nutrition, and Movement – focusing on metabolism, inflammation, anti-aging and strengthening the immune system, a unique longevity approach that is exclusively used at Clinique La Prairie.

The CLP Extract, the powerful formula built on founder Dr. Niehans’ revitalizing ethos and honed over the decades, remains central to the programme to help regenerate and fight the effects of aging.

The continued dedication to regenerative medicine means Clinique La Prairie is constantly spearheading new formulas to support wellbeing. The programme offers an even stronger balance of science, nature and technology to help guests feel their absolute best and live fuller. Developed by the clinic’s life science experts, two activators have been added: a high-performance cellular active and a genomic-based cure.

The HP-Cellular Active is an organic plant complex taken every day during the stay. Packed with a plant-based organic blend and produced in Montreux’ laboratories through a unique process to extract a master organic substance, it improves oxygen supply to tissues, helps regulate oxidative stress and stimulate cells’ properties to protect themselves.

The new CLP Cellular Genomic FFS1-5 is composed of five natural active compounds that interact with the genes involved in cell stimulation. Carefully developed to connect the five key priorities for regeneration – the immune system, neuromodulation, anti-inflammation, microbiota recovery and sleep-wake rhythm – the supplement is first taken during the stay and continued at home for four weeks to continue the revitalisation journey,

Guests booking into Clinique La Prairie for the programme will also enjoy the new nutrition approach carefully designed to play a vital role in anti-inflammatory gut health. Expert dieticians offer a tailored nutritional guidance to guests, using a three-phase intervention process - neutralization, rebalancing and empowerment – to target specific needs and promote a healthy mindset for transformative habits.

The new Revitalisation programme has also advanced health and wellness in several key areas, including vitamins and antioxidants IV-infusions, DNA assessment and techniques to promote a mind-to-body connection and help reduce stress such as regenerative light therapy and neuro-wave stimulation.

Workouts, revitalising massage and anti-aging facial in Clinique La Prairie’s award-winning spa are also incorporated, so guests enjoy deeper and more stable rejuvenating effects.

In just six days, the Revitalisation Programme creates the ultimate cellular revival and gradually returns the power of regeneration to the body.

Simone Gibertoni, CEO Clinique La Prairie says, “Clinique La Prairie has dedicated the last 90 years to unlocking the secrets behind longevity and wellbeing. This commitment has resulted in the best treatments and programs to regenerate and rejuvenate body and spirit, strengthen immune system and enhance physical and mental performance. This quest has resulted in new breakthrough science added to the Revitalisation programme, complementing the legendary CLP Extract to revitalize every part of the body.”

Prices start from £20,808 (26,800CHF) for one person for the Revitalisation programme with arrival available on Sunday.

Source: theqode

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