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Zulekha Hospital today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sharjah Social Services Department with the aim of improving the ease at which elderly people are admitted to the hospital. Zulekha Hospital is the first private hospital to sign this MoU, which stipulates that the Social Services Department shall route elderly people directly to Zulekha Hospital in Sharjah.

A doctor at Zulekha Hospital Dubai recently saved an Egyptian patient, Mr. Aiman Mohammad, from a critical case of acute bacterial meningitis. The 58-year-old initially developed an infection in the forearm at the site of a previous Intravenous (IV) cannulation following a procedure at another hospital. This infection caused the patient to experience decreased consciousness and acute renal failure.

The Cambridge ICU Rehab Symposium 2018, organized by Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center, UAE’s leading rehabilitation and post-acute care provider, was held at The Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City. The symposium, which was attended by over 150 healthcare professionals from the GCC and surrounding regions, was the first of its kind platform in the UAE that covered unique and multidisciplinary approach discussions in providing early and comprehensive rehabilitation for critically ill patients.

Children these days are overweight for various reasons, it is a growing concern in many countries.  Unfortunately the children of UAE are not spared either. There are many reasons that foster obesity like consumption of fried and fatty foods, inactive lifestyle and neglect. Desertion about health is a common factor. Also, lack of guidance and proper direction by parents. Obesity causes harm not just physically but psychologically.

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