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Toothpaste has come a long way since its early days, when it was made from materials such as crushed oyster shells. If you wander down the toothpaste aisle at your local store, you'll see lots of options on the shelves, from anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste to whitening toothpaste and from sensitive teeth toothpaste to toothpastes with natural ingredients.

Pure Health, the largest medical laboratory operator in the GCC, kicked off a week-long campaign to create awareness on Hepatitis and offer diagnosis for the residents in the UAE in line with the World Hepatitis Day agenda. The World Health Organization has listed that viral hepatitis remains a major public health problem globally, especially in the southeast Asia region and less than 10 per cent of those infected with viral hepatitis are aware of the disease.

With summer just around the corner, travel plans are due. People love taking time off to travel and visit their families back home. Also, children like taking a break from studying and the school routine to enjoy their vacation with lots of fun activities. In this situation, it’s easy to ignore some of the routines that are usually part of your life. Like brushing, for example, children want to skip the nighttime ritual more and more.

As summer comes along, you see everyone planning their holidays. But for a lot of people, along with visiting the latest tourist destinations and wonders of the world there is also another plan; addressing health issues.

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