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Most polymer-based medical devices are not compatible either with the high temperatures required for steam sterilization (121°C / 134°C), which cause them to deform, or with gamma rays, which can cause plastics to stain or become cloudy. Ethylene oxide sterilization, however, is performed at temperatures typically between 40°C and 55°C, and is compatible with all MDs, irrespective of their type and composition. Ethylene oxide is therefore the ideal sterilization method for all MDs, provided that the strict standards governing its use (safety and toxicity) and its follow-up (EO residuals in the MD) are adhered to.

IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic has extended its arms by opening its IVI Medical Center, Fetal Medicine in Abu Dhabi. IVI experts have noticed that pregnant women, especially those who have had previous issues with their pregnancy, face many fears and anxieties of any complications that might arise. IVI believes in spreading awareness about the number of technologies that are now available to help them take their pregnancy to full term and deliver a healthy baby.