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The Holy month of Ramadan is a special month of deep significance for the Muslim community, as does the act of fasting, which is all about sacrifice.  However, abstaining from food and water for prolonged periods and a change in schedule in eating and sleeping patterns, all of which can cause health problems ranging from dehydration and weight gain, to fatigue and indigestion. Unless, they are treated with a healthy awareness so that you can benefit from the wellness of fasting.

Merck, a leading science and technology company, today announced its support of World MS Day 2018 and MS International Federation (MSIF)’s #BringingUsCloser campaign through a new campaign, #MSInsideOut, to support the multiple sclerosis (MS) community and deepen understanding of the disease. The initiative will involve a collaboration with, the social network for people with MS, who will be Executive Producers on a new documentary which will feature unique perspectives from the MS community. The documentary will premiere at the 34th Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) in Berlin, Germany in October.

Every year, on 31 May, the World Health Organization marks World No Tobacco Day, which highlights the risks associated with tobacco use, and searches for ways to decrease tobacco consumption. Current trends show that tobacco use will cause more than 8 million deaths annually by 2030 and in order to prevent that, leading healthcare facility, Burjeel Hospital is taking this opportunity to support the cause and to educate the public on the dangers of smoking.

Growing old can be a difficult process – you can feel more fatigued, not as fit, and parts of the body you rely on begin to slow down. However when it comes to your heart rate, growing old is only one of the factors that can lead to atrial fibrillation and cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats); including heart valve diseases or ischemic heart disease.

With summer in full swing, beach season is most definitely upon us. If like most of us you are looking to lose some body fat and get in shape looking and feeling the very best version of yourself, Reform Athletica are on hand to offer you a brand-new body blitz that will give you a new-found confidence, courtesy of their exciting new classes on the fitness block.

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