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The Holy month of Ramadan is seen by many as the perfect time to improve and regulate their diet. If done correctly this can be an opportunity to cut out unhealthy foods and start enjoying a more balanced way of life.  If done incorrectly however, it can cause more harm than good. Here, Dr. Mitesh Patel, Medical Director at Aetna International, shares his top tips on how to maintain your health throughout Ramadan.

Sudip Adhikari, a 25-year-old Nepalese expat working in the UAE,was admitted to Zulekha Hospital Dubai after crushing his finger in a sliding door of a vehicle resulting in the amputation of his middle finger. Adhikari rushed to the hospital and had preserved the amputated part of his finger by storing it in ice, initial examinations revealed the loss of the finger nail bed and pulp tissue.

 “I’m too busy”, “It’s awkward and uncomfortable,” and “I’m afraid of the consequences” are all common reasons why a large number of men tend to skip out on regular health check-ups, such as a urology consultations or check-ups on their prostate health. But according to the experts at Valiant Clinic, like most other health-related problems, prevention is often better than – or at least a huge factor in the success of – a cure, and men’s health issues are no different. Which is why they’re offering complimentary urology consultations to men in the UAE in honour of Men’s Health Week, which runs from the 11th to the 17th of June.

The scorching heat during the summer bundled with conditions of high humidity immediately affects our skin. LaVie clinic’s medicated facials are just what you need to balance your skin’s PH levels and bring back the glow. Knowing that each skin type needs different rituals to care for we only focus on customizing treatments and highly recommend a habitual skin care regime which would include regular flushing of toxins with your intake as well as external cleansing.