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There is much focus on child nutrition during the first 1000 days and with good reason: children with good nutrition are ten times more likely to overcome life-threatening childhood diseases and complete at least four grades at school. However, what few know is that access to clean air, or lack of it, is fundamental to a child’s development, both physical and cognitive.

Confronted with eye stroke and sudden abnormally low vision in left eye, a 62-year-old-woman was at the verge of losing her eye sight , when she was saved from the tragedy through correct and timely action. Helen Dorothy Briston, a South African expat, was already wearing glasses for myopia, suffering from glaucoma and using drops in both eyes to alleviate the condition when things took a turn for the worse three years ago.She began complaining of sudden loss of vision in her left eye, which brought her to RAK Hospital.

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