HASH Design, a distinct boutique concept launched by Fatma and Maryam Al Hashimi that is known for its Abaya, prêt-à-porter and custom-made outfits, has announced its exclusive Ramadan/Eid 2020 collection. Casual yet elegant, the new collection inspires from the current situation wherein most  women are staying at home, in line with government preventive measures.

The collection, comprising 22 pieces, features comfortable kaftans for home stays, with simple yet modern designs that are made from soft light materials like satin, silk, linen, and cotton. The use of earthen and summer colours ranging from shades of mint, cinnamon, peach, green, blue, and pink, along with a dash of bronze that gives the creation an elegant look and feel, while keeping comfort at the heart of the designs.

Fatma and Maryam AlHashimi said: “My sister and I have always been inspired by fashion that is adaptive to any situation. Currently, as most women are confined to their homes, they need dresses that are comfortable yet sophisticated. The Identification of this need led to the creation of this collection that constitutes designs to match the lifestyles of many. The Ramadan/EID 2020 collection was conceived to allow people maintain their sense of style indoors.”

Ideal for women staying or working from home, the collection is the perfect blending of comfort and style. The collection is available at the Hash Design in Wasl51, Jumeirah 1 block D and can be ordered via the Instagram account @hashdesign_.

Launching on Instagram in 2015, Hash Designs is the brainchild of two sisters’ combined efforts and fascination with fashion. Those looking for the trendiest couture and a creative flair to their wardrobe should make their way to their outlets and seek out their modern-chic style.

Source: Cicero and Bernay