Camel milk has countless benefits, from its hypoallergenic properties to its natural concentration of vitamins and minerals, it has been widely used in the Middle East for centuries.

Add a touch of luxury to your self-care routine with a natural product from The Camel Soap Factory - Camel Milk Face Rescue cream.

Beat the heat with camel milk

Crafted with fresh camel milk, enriched with Omani frankincense and sweet orange essential oils, it’s an indulgent experience from start to finish. The Camel Milk Face Rescue cream isn’t just good for your skin, it’s good for the planet too. It’s delivered in recyclable aluminium packaging.

Launched in 2013, The Camel Soap Factory has been making its way into handbags and bathrooms across the world. Its founder, Stevi Lowmass, comments “the journey started in 2012 after experimenting with making and selling camel milk soap at school fairs. We ended up with great feedback from customers, that is how The Camel Soap Factory was born, which also led to the creation and launch of our new product - the Camel Milk Face Rescue cream. Our aim is to create natural, effective, and real products for real people.”

The skin-saving power of camel milk

The Camel Milk Face Rescue Cream is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamins, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory proteins which help stabilize, protect, and heal your skin. The natural cream has a rich texture that absorbs instantly to create a matte finish, can be used daily, or whenever your skin needs extra care. The product was formulated using as few chemicals as possible, with natural preservatives and emulsifiers. The Camel Soap Factory is also planning to release a signature line of hand and body creams and lip balms soon.

Source: Sociate PR