odist, the newly launched luxury, ethical and climate-conscious beauty brand, encourages celebration and expression of your true authentic self through the use of makeup. To do this you will need the correct tools to allow for beautiful application of any makeup product. Your eyes speak volumes about your personality, especially now as half our faces are hidden behind masks. odist founder, Amy Hanbury encourages you to experiment with eye makeup as you would clothes for your body. She shares her top tips on how to achieve the perfect smokey eye using odist luxury eye makeup brushes.

Step 1

To prolong any great eye look and ensure staying power from day to night you’ll need to start with a good base. The 023 Multipurpose Diffuser is the perfect brush for applying a neutral base shade across the eye using swift back and forth motions.

Step 2

To maximize pigment, odist recommends using the 021 Shader brush. The brush’s densely packed fibres are perfect for collecting product with little fallout and distributes it evenly for maximum impact.

Step 4

To complete any eye look, the 028 Pencil Buffer brush is essential. This brush is ideal for detailed working as the tip of the brush is very fine and flexible. It’s great for wispy application of colour and precise shading around the eye

Step 5

Everyone knows any eye look isn’t complete without some statement fluffy brows are in place. To create perfectly defined brows odist recommends using their 030 Brow Definer brush.

Source: Coffee Communications