Established in 1999, homegrown perfumery brand Areej Al Ameerat was born of the vision of Emirati perfumer and businessman Ali Mohammad Al Mulla, dedicated to bringing excellence and glamour with each creation. As fine fragrances are a huge part of the Middle Eastern culture - often seen as a mark of status and way of expression - Al Mulla combined the rich Arab heritage, with creativity and expert craftsmanship to arrive at his brand of passion, with the promise to deliver the most exquisite scents and an unmatched sensory experience.

A member of the Asam Agar Oud Association, Al Mulla sources the most expensive and highly sought after Oud directly from its origins in the Indian forests. The brand’s uncompromising dedication to extracting this rich and rare ingredient served as the beginning of its journey to opulence. Through years of creating and capturing luxury, the Areej Al Ameerat portfolio has grown to feature three exceptional pillars - Oud, Perfume and Oud Oil, with seven exquisite collections - The Royal collection: reflecting the timeless tradition and sophistication of the Middle East, The Jewels collection: expressing modernity, elegance and opulence, the Oud collection: created with the richest Oud in the world, the Mubakhar collection with three smoky notes, the Blends collection with six notes, the Syoufi collection with five fragrances and the Pure Dahn Al Oud collection.

Committed to using only the finest ingredients and methods in perfume creation, the executive lab run by the brand’s creative experts, was created for in-depth research into aromatic innovation such as the study into the evaporation of complex scents when applied to each pulse point, as the brand wants each note used to unfold over time, creating an evolved aroma. In order to meet and exceed the quality and reliability standards, every discovery is thoroughly tested using the most analytical equipment available to the lab. Al Mulla said: “I wanted to capture the textures and scents of the Arab culture, which could only be achieved through sourcing the rarest, finest ingredients and through exceptional production practices.”

Rooted in integrity, the brand aims to maintain its responsibility to society. Al Mulla oversees all steps in the creation process, to guarantee the earth's revival and to ensure it is internationally beneficial -  adhering to international production and trade terms. Areej Al Ameerat gives back to nature with its various sustainability practices, including planting an Oud forest in India, as well as other investment operations.

As with all aspects of the brand, Areej Al Ameerat redefines luxury, down to its packaging. Mirroring the grandiose nature of its rich and rare collections, the custom-designed Royal Box is beautifully crafted at the brand’s bespoke atelier in the UAE, with extreme precision and expert attention to detail.  Since its inception, Areej Al Ameerat has amassed a loyal clientele base including the Royal family palaces as well as official Shaikhs courts.

March 2020 will see the brand open doors to its fifth store location at the Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi, adding to the others, located in Al Ain Mall, Wafi Mall, Yas Mall, and The Dubai Mall.

Source: Atteline