Soap brows are all the rage right now, from Kim Kardashian to Huda Kattan, this technique is used to achieve feathered and full brows is popping up everywhere! After celebrities such as Lily Collins, Cara Delavigne and Emilia Clarke brought thick and bushy eyebrows back into popularity, beauty lovers have been growing their eyebrows and searching for new products and techniques to help nourish, shape and achieve the perfect “soap brow” look.

A look that was originally (and is still often) achieved by replacing brow gel with a bar of soap, this method has been used amongst makeup artists and beauty influencers for years. However, as the demand for this look increases, makeup brands have been supplying beauty enthusiasts with speciality products that can help to nourish and achieve their dream brow.

So how is this look achieved? Beauty Queen and influencer, Mor Maman, who recently launched her cosmetic line in Dubai, has given a simple step by step tutorial on how to achieve the perfect “soap” brow with her bestselling brow kit: Magique Sourcils (click here and here for video examples)

“Step 1: Before application, prep your brows by brushing them against the grain.

Step 2: Spray a few squirts of the Magique Rose spray onto the transparent palette and fully coat the brush with product.

Step 3: Brush the product onto your brows and create your desired brow shape.

Step 4: Wait a moment until it dries and repeat as necessary until you have your desired look.”

Magique Sourcils by Mor Maman Cosmetics is all about nourishing brows. In just 60 seconds of application time, this magic brow kit has been designed to encourage growth and strengthen hair follicles with essential oils.

Source: POP Communications