Kickstart the new year in style. Welcoming 2021 with its best sneaker forward, Max has launched a brand-new active wear collection that is as on fleek as it is comfortable.

Think sleek hoodies, fitted colourful sports bras and geometric patterned leggings, comfort fit t-shirts, lightweight shorts, mesh details with contrast lining. GCC-based men and women will be spoilt for choice when looking for updated pieces to add to their gym wardrobe.

Fresh for 2021 the Max Active collection inspires fitness enthusiasts and the health-conscious to test their boundaries and keep working towards peak fitness. Prioritizing comfort and style, the range supports every stage of the fitness journey whilst ensuring the look is on point.

Ankur Srivastava, Head of Design at Max, said: “Shoppers are increasingly looking for new active wear. Not just confined to the gym, active wear has increasingly become a part of our everyday wardrobe - at home, shopping, a walk along the beach or even a visit to the supermarket. The new Max Active collection centers on the needs of today’s ready-to-go generation and is designed to be lightweight while stylish and perfect for a high intensity physical workout.”

Active wear has become a staple in the modern wardrobe – not simply because we work out more, but because we are embracing a more casual and flexible way of dressing. Max’s brand-new collection celebrates athleisure style with classic stretchy fabrics. Women can pick out a set of matching geometric patterned leggings and sports bra and team it with a strong and chic mesh hoodie. The collection is also available in extended sizes.

Men can go for a tracksuit set in a pale grey khaki pattern, pair with a strong black comfort t-shirt and smart black trainers. Shoes are always important, so why not check out the new trainers with breathable lining and memory foam.

Source: MSL Group