With Ramadan upon us, it’s time to head to Molten Choclate Café and enjoy a delicious Ramadan set-menu. At just AED 54 per person or AED 99 for couples, this special edition option includes a tasty snack and dessert, along with a refreshing drink.

From the ‘The BBQ Jump’, ‘The Hot Roll Bun’ and ‘Buffalo Chicken Donner’, to the ‘Up and Down Avocado Nachos’ and ‘Wedges My Way’, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to breaking your fast at Molten Chocolate Café. Follow it up with a sweet treat from Molten’s selection of desserts. Choose from irresistible options, including Churros, Crepes, Waffles, Molten Lava Cake and much more, before topping it off with a beverage.

Break your fast and indulge in the type of happiness that only Molten Chocolate Café can provide, for your Iftar and Suhoor throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan. Regardless of your menu selection, the Molten team is always ready and eager to ensure a rich and loving experience is at the heart of everything you encounter in the café during Ramadan and beyond.   

Opening Hours

Saturday to Wednesday: Iftar (sunset) – 1 AM

Thursday & Friday: Iftar (sunset) – 2 AM


Source: Katch