Starting from June 2019, visitors will have one more reason to visit Geneva and enjoy its summer. The Swiss city that has always been famous for chocolates, watches and the lovely scenery by the lakeside is preparing to unveil a new public beach which will enrich visitors’ experience this summer.

The new public beach “Plage des Eaux-Vives“ is located at the heart of Geneva, and will be a real oasis of relaxation that is accessible by everyone. This swimming site of about 400 meters is composed of small pebbles and will be an invitation to re-discover the lake of Geneva, the ideal place to swim and have good time with friends.

The amenities at the public beach will ensure visitors will get the most of their experience. Swimmers will find a refreshment bar, changing rooms and shower cabinets. In addition, there will be an extension of the public port to meet the needs of sailors, and other water-based activities. Three floating booms will accommodate up to 226 berths, complemented by 245 docks making the opportunities for outdoor activities on and next to the lake are almost endless.

Geneva lake has always been an attractive place for thousands of visitors from around the world. The lake is the largest body of freshwater in both Switzerland and France and it boasts many activities. Visitors can revel in swimming, sailing, and do other water sports activities in the fresh water, in addition to enjoying a stroll or cycling around the lake. A famous landmark in Geneva is The Jet D’Eau, which is one of the largest fountains in the world and goes up from the middle of the lake. Its strong engines pump 500 liter of water per second to the height of 140 meters.

Another activity visitors can enjoy around the lake is hiking from one village to another, as this region offers many hiking opportunities of all levels. Good public transportation makes it simple for the hikers to start the return journey from alternative points.


Source: TCAPR