Operating within a rich community in terms of heritage and nature has always inspired Six Senses Zighy Bay to do more to protect it.

The resort takes a genuine approach to preserving the wider and more importantly, the local environment on a daily basis through ongoing projects and simple day to day actions. The resort also involves the local community, as well as the guests and travelers, where sustainability is a key factor in Six Senses Zighy Bay image, promoting stories from the resort and travelers about what sustainability means and how to actively live it.

Six Senses Zighy Bay believes that sustainability is a wide scope of different areas, ranging from community development, environment protection and future sustainable solutions, which is why it adopts a program that covers many areas to build a fully rounded approach to sustainability and social responsibility.

The Omani ministry of municipality and the local waste management operator “Be’ah” visited Earth lab at Six Senses Zighy Bay to get some inspiration and discuss future collaborations in awareness campaigns for the future, including waste management and local village clean-ups. The resort provides regular education to the Dibba girls’ school, where Six Senses Zighy Bay representatives touch on topics of current environmental relevance such as marine biology, the problem with plastic, global warming, sustainable fishing and much more.

Starting from pre-arrival, Six Senses Zighy Bay shares a packing guide to involve guests at an early stage in its sustainability mission, guests are advised to bring natural and reef-safe personal products which Six Senses Zighy Bay provides as well in each guest room, they are also encouraged to bring reusable items to donate to local children such as stainless steel reusable water bottles, cloth or canvas reusable bags and marine books in English. The guide also advises guests against using plastic wrappings and materials in the resort or leaving them there.

Six Senses Zighy Bay encourages guests as well to be a part of its sustainability deeds during their stay, educating them on minimizing plastic waste by removing all single use plastic and replacing them with recyclable materials, and introducing a new range of timber toys to replace all plastic toys. A great product that is made with all sustainable materials and the same products will soon find their way to the kid’s club as well.

Guests who will be taking watersports adventures at Six Senses Zighy Bay can feel the resort’s efforts to protect the ocean, having the resident marine biologist working with local communities and schools on cleaning and education projects, with special focus on the dangers of plastic waste, and turtle rehabilitation program in coordination with “The Olive Ridley Project”.

Sustainability is practiced with great passion in the resort’s kitchen, with a farm producing organic products such as milk, cheese, honey, vegetables and dates, Six Senses Zighy Bay commits to the guests’ wellbeing and promotes a healthy natural lifestyle as a part of the wellness program, serving beautifully designed and carefully thought dishes on each table. The experience of farming and harvesting is shared with guests, aiming to educate and get them involved in the resort’s vision towards a sustainable responsible hospitality, and provide a local authentic experience for them to live and share as the resort is looking forward to the dates’ harvesting season where the palm trees are expected to produce over 16,000 kgs of succulent dates.

Life at Six Senses Zighy Bay is a combination of well-orchestrated and private getaway and devoted social responsibility, travelers can sense and relate to it, making them the resort’s most valuable ambassadors for its sustainable hospitality vision, with a lot of passion and aspirations towards a sustainable future, Six Senses Zighy Bay continues its efforts to pioneer this vision and set an example to other properties not only in the Gulf region, but around the world.


Source: TCA PR

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