Dubai’s first restaurant serving only alternate meat and vegetables in a variety of cuisines opened today at Century Village. The Flipside Restobar offers a range of culinary experiences from Mexican to Indian, Chinese, Thai, Persian & European …but with a twist. All the meat is alternate, formulated from plant-based nutritious foods to taste, feel and satisfy like meat products.

“Alternate Meat is 100% plant-based, high in plant protein and formulated to look, cook and taste like real meat. It is the food of tomorrow, good for many reasons. The main attraction is health. Some of the reasons people in the western world are moving to alternate meat are health related but there is also concern for the environment and animal welfare.” Said Mahesh Kumar, owner of the Restobar.

“My personal experience of losing 85 kgs over nine months on a protein diet made of alternate meat inspired me to offer this new food alternative in a variety of recipes suitable for Dubai’s diners. The Flipside Restobar shares the experience with many added flavours – multiple popular cuisines, beverages, sheesha and a fun ambience in the evenings. We will have live music, karaoke, entertainment and a DJ for guests to enjoy a fun atmosphere with family and friends. In the daytime, we will flip to a becoming a co-working space with all the facilities business professionals or owners look for.” He added.

The interiors concept is ‘Street Chique’, casual and fun for a lively night out. Designers Nada Kashef and Zoya Jindran conceptualized the interiors and appointed graffiti artist Abdul Wahab Madine to to include depictions of popular Netflix shows on the ceiling. The walls and furnishings are a colorful mix and match in bright lighting to give the room a cheerful street feel.

The menu combines popular dishes from different countries with focus on highlighting the taste and feel of alternate meat in well-known flavours.

The Flipside Restobar will welcome sports enthusiasts during games and events broadcast live on multiple screens across the room as well as outdoors.

The future belongs to alternate meat. Risk of heart disease and other sicknesses related to obesity are linked to consumption of red meat and processed meat. Misuse of antibiotics and hormones to increase weight of livestock are additional factors that are driving health-conscious people away from consuming meat.

If the world continues to increase consumption of meat at the current rate, it will be impossible to keep within the agreed sustainable development goals (SDGs) for the environment and climate: it would require too much land and water, and lead to unacceptable greenhouse‑gas and other pollutant emissions.

The profit motive leads some meat producers to inhumane practices in the way they rear livestock. Some epidemics such as the bird flu and mad cow disease are said to be the result of such unwholesome processes. Groups like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) which include many celebrities have been formed as a result of these behaviors.

Many special offers are available during the opening weeks. They will be posted on our social media pages.

Source: The Revelation Consultancy