Sizzling sausages, glasses clinking, the mouth-watering smell of seared barbecue filling the air, yes you guessed it, BBQ season has officially begun, and we just couldn’t be happier.

With a little help from our favourite online grocery store Kibsons, getting together with friends and family over food has never been easier with their incredible wide range of fresh meats, fish and poultry, that are all seamlessly delivered right to your doorstep. So, what are you waiting for? Sweep away the summer dust from your grill, put all of your drinks into a cooler with ice and invite your best friends over for the perfect afternoon and take advantage of the wonderful cooler weather.

Now, with the Kibsons BBQ range, you can take the stress out of hosting your own BBQ. The wide selection of fresh or frozen meat packs, ensures everyone’s favourites are covered.

Pre-seasoned, Spatchcock Chicken, Lamb Koftas and Chicken Skewers will guarantee a flavoursome feast and to make your life even easier. The Meat Packs are labeled with exactly how many people they will feed, so no more food waste!

Fresh produce always makes the most flavorsome dishes. With Kibsons offering free same day delivery, convenience is delivered straight to your door, ensuring all ingredients are completely fresh. This is also, particularly handy for any forgotten last-minute items or covering for any uncounted guests!

Source: tishtash