Operation: Falafel has expanded its vibrant menu of Arabic delights and has created an innovative ordering platform where customers can order directly from the restaurant.

Balancing traditional flavor with modern convenience Operation: Falafel shares an exciting line of street food sandwiches and pitas with their UAE and KSA markets.

The items include two new hearty pitas and four delectable baguettes sandwiches featuring the traditional Kofta Pita served with hummus, the Chicken Tawook Pita a simple yet tasty pita loaded with fries, the classic Mushab Chicken Baguette with pulled chicken over mayo, the Chicken Liver Baguette loaded with spices and a dash of lemon, the Roast Beef Baguette a traditional fare and the Sujuk Baguette, their signature sausage sandwich.

In addition, to their new flavorful menu offerings, they have created an online and mobile ordering platform available to UAE customers. In line with Operation: Falafel global expansion announcement, this app will soon be available globally, across their upcoming franchise locations in London, Paris, and New York.

As food delivery apps continue to make waves in the mobile marketplace, Operation: Falafel is giving food lovers another exciting app to add to the collection. This app will enhance customer experience and convenience allowing, customers to order directly from their preferred locations within their local range and to schedule orders for both delivery and pickup.

Customer can access the app on both Android and IOS, once signed up customers, can explore Operation: Falafel new loyalty program and a first-time 15% off discount, while simultaneously ordering their favorite eats.

The Loyalty Program will be facilitated through a point system were every order placed whether, through delivery, dine-in or even take away on the app results in points that translate to discounts off future orders up to 25% off. In addition to the many features, customers can purchase gift vouchers or transfer credit through the app, a perfect surprise for love ones and friends.

Source: Seven Media