Café Isan, Dubai’s most authentic Thai street food and tea bar restaurant operates at the heart of the community – and is now asking all communities to reach out and perform random acts of kindness. 

The JLT Cluster B-based outlet, which recently won Best Thai restaurant in the Time Out Restaurant Awards 2020, is only open for deliveries during the coronavirus outbreak. But the city’s most popular Thai food restaurant wants to help people commit random acts of kindness with a new campaign.

Partner and co-owner Lisa Knight says: “Self-isolation is troubling for our collective mental health. While we are serving our food from the heart, cooked with love, we want to encourage everyone to commit a daily act of kindness on another human (or animal). Let’s turn the lingo of the coronavirus on its head and create a new pandemic - kindness!

“If we encourage all our friends and family to carry out acts of kindness too, we might just have a new pandemic on our hands - pandemic acts of kindness.”

While people are feeling lonely and isolated, worried, fighting boredom and facing employment and financial issues, Café Isan believes it is our duty to take care of one another any way we can.

Kindness, of course, comes in many forms. Calling a friend you might have lost touch with could make their day. Sharing jokes always lifts the mood. Why not treat a family member or friend to food, a treat, or even other essentials like face masks and gloves? 

Helping an animal in need, or just letting teachers, doctors, cleaners, drivers and nurses know we appreciate the work they do can help these people in tough jobs feel valued and loved.  

“We are skipping the usual suspects like candles and chocolates in favour of a little more creativity - and we can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with! Please say you’ll play your part in this and commit to just one act of kindness a day? Come on! Let’s make kindness pandemic,” adds Lisa. 

So, get tagging. get posting…and join Café Isan’s social media feed [@cafeisan] to discover what the restaurant is doing to create a new pandemic of kindness.

Don’t forget that during these difficult times, every Café Isan food delivery now comes with a freeimmunity-boosting ginger, lime and mint tea kit - a soothing, refreshing treat to accompany the food. If you are feeling lonely, or hungry, why not Chef New’s recipe videos via YouTube

Already a winner of the 'Best Budget' and shortlisted for the 'Best Thai' Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards in 2017, the cosy, friendly restaurant also won a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in both 2017, and was proudly nominated for a BBC Good Food Award in 2018. 

The distinctive dishes and memorable flavours come from north eastern Thailand – the Isan region - with Chef New working hard to reflect the renowned warmth of the region’s food, people and culture. 

Source: Shakespeare Communications