An ex-goalkeeper for Real Madrid, a heartthrob, an incredible singer, a family man, and above all, an inspiring soul, Julio Iglesias is a man that instantly leaves a lasting impression. Pulse 95, the first English radio station in Sharjah under Sharjah Media Corporation, in an exclusive interview with him ventured to understand what makes this awe-striking man tick. The conversation flowed from love being his driving force in the musical journey to depression and mental health as well as how he has never gotten a chance to sing a song from the Middle East but is eager and open to the idea, Julio impressed all with his rare strength and humble attitude.

His career as a goal keeper came to a halt upon a terrible car accident that put him in a five-day coma. His lower spine was smashed, and his legs were permanently weakened but this didn’t deter him. He was diagnosed with a tumour following the coma and couldn’t walk for two years. Julio exhibits a rare humbleness when asked about this incident and points out that he simply had no choice but to be courageous. It was during his hospitalization that he was given a guitar so that he could gain back the dexterity of his hands. In that process, he discovered his musical talent.

“La vida sigue igual” which translates to “Life goes on the same,” isn’t merely the title of the song that won him the Benidorm award in 1968 as well as the Eurovision award in 1970, but it’s a motto he abides by. When his physical strength gave up on him, he harnessed the power of his mind and survived.  When Charif Hamidi, the co-host of Morning Majlis, asked him in a long-hour exclusive interview where’s his home is, he simply answered: My family. When asked about the UAE, Julio claimed that he never had the chance to sing a song from the Middle East yet he is very eager and open to the idea. Throughout the interview co-host Charif Hamidi, was invited by Julio to come on stage and perform a song with him at the Dubai Opera.

The first part of the interview was aired on Wednesday 26th September on the Morning Majilis show, with the next part aired today (Thursday 27th September ) from 7am to 10am on Pulse 95 Radio. The interview will also be played throughout the week on Yalla Home at 5pm until 8pm as well.


Source: National Network Communications (NNC)