The ‘Together We Are Good’ programme launched by the Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an to channel the community’s efforts towards current health and economic priorities has received an overwhelming response in its first 24 hours.

Since the programme’s launch on Monday, hundreds of people and businesses across the UAE have come together to show their support, with more than AED 45 million received through contributions as of Tuesday evening. As well as receiving over 300 calls, more than 1,000 meals have also been donated, 42 in-kind donations have been received including apartment buildings, hotel rooms, villas and furniture. More than 200 people have signed up to volunteer their time and expertise including doctors, retired military personnel and various other specialties.

Contributions include:

  • AED 25m from Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
  • AED 12m from an anonymous benefactor
  • AED 500,000 from an anonymous benefactor
  • 400 hotel rooms from Al Masaood Group
  • AED 3m from Mohammed Rasool Khoory & Sons Group
  • Hotel rooms from Ali Lakhraim Al Zaabi, Lakhraim Business Group
  • AED 1m from an anonymous benefactor
  • AED 2m from Humaid bin Saeed Al Neyadi Mohammed bin Rashid Al Kitbi in-kind for medical equipment and kit and a hospital with 30+ clinics

By working alongside relevant partners, the funds will be put towards providing medical and educational aid as well as food supplies, according to the social priorities of the Government of Abu Dhabi.

As the first project of Ma’an’s Social Fund which enables community contributions to help solve social challenges, the ‘Together We Are Good’ programme encourages social responsibility by providing a platform for individuals and companies to contribute financially or through in-kind contributions. The Social Fund is the official government channel to receive contributions from the community to tackle pressing social challenges and the ‘Together We Are Good’ programme will continue to support the health sector on an ongoing basis, even after the current challenges are over.

Her Excellency Salama Al Ameemi, Director General of Ma’an, welcomed the contributions so far and encouraged the community to keep coming forward and make a difference during these unprecedented times.

“It is incredible to see so many people and businesses unite together and show their support by contributing to the ‘Together We Are Good’ programme. In just 24 hours, the contributions we have received whether it’s financial or not, speaks volumes for the generosity of our community. It is evidence that Abu Dhabi, and the UAE, is a hugely philanthropic society with everyone ready to step up and do what they can to help the country through this period.

“I encourage everyone who wishes to contribute to get in contact. By taking small steps, we can all help make a big difference.”

Participants wishing to contribute financially can send SMS messages to 6670 (AED 1000), 6678 (500 AED), 6683 (100 AED) and 6658 (50 AED). They can also call 8005-MAAN for volunteering and in-kind and financial contributions above AED 1,000 or send messages on WhatsApp on 0543055366. Transfers can also be made via First Abu Dhabi Bank using the IBAN number: AE100351011003988349032. In-kind contributions include equipment, buildings, services, and time as well as expert volunteering efforts.

Source: Seven Media