Emirati singer and songwriter Amal Al Jabry, also known as Amalove, knows a thing or two about pouring her heart into some great music, and it is exactly what’s happening on the artist’s debut original song, Skip Skip Skip.

This expertly crafted piece of music feels like a very catchy, yet evolved studio work, an exciting creative statement from Amalove, who is keen on opening up the boundaries of her vision and keep telling her stories, one song at a time. With so much passion on point, connecting with the audience is effortless.

Many artists seem to often get stuck in a single genre, but Amalove is happy to explore and poke her head out of the proverbial window, in order to take a wider glance at a bigger creative landscape. The artist’s roots are very clear, as her music focuses on lush pop soundscapes and earnest electronic-driven melodies. However, there is also a deeper musical dimension that incorporates some elements of various other styles.

If you like Rihanna, Dua Lipa and Prince, you should most definitely give Amalove’s music a go. In addition to making music, Amal Al Jabry holds a certified Guinness World Record for Dubai’s “fastest typist of the alphabet backwards on a tablet computer in 6.82 seconds”.

Music lovers can find out more about Amalove and Skip Skip Skip on your favorite digital music streaming platform including Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music and Anghami.

Source: graceandgarbo.com

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