Painter and life artist De Groot has a substantial track record. His work is an inseparable part of his personality and lifestyle.

As often is the case, it provides a distillation of his own life history, but it can also be linked to life events in general.

His pieces refer to a certain stage in his life and for that matter one could say his pieces are expressed experiences. However, it is important to note that his works are not just about himself. After all, he who seeks the truth, seeks this for everyone and therefor, lived experiences, and possible wisdom that comes with it, are for all of humanity.

Looking at his youth, his life seemed to be doomed to be played in the shadows. The result of a less favorable start has been his struggle towards the light. His expressionistic style of painting reveals his urge to manifest himself. Consciousness becomes unconsciously the centre of his art.

The Compassion Suites is a unique meeting between art and music in collaboration with Records Gramophonique. 

The Internationally acclaimed artist De Groot links for the first time his paintings with his musical notes and by doing so, making his debut as a pianist at the stage.

The series consists of thirteen pieces of art. A number that has been linked to the Templars who protected the Holy Grail, as the tradition tells us. The Compassion Suites is divided into one main piece and twelve sub-canvases.

The sub-canvases are linked to consciously chosen musical suites and inseparably share the same name and subject with each other.

All used music is written by De Groot himself and is originated during painting when he came to rest behind his grand piano.

Through colors and melodies De Groot takes us by the hand and tells his story. A story which is overwhelmingly human.

The Compassion Suites is an unstrained invitation to a vision of compassion in a world that seems to go fast for a lot of people.

It is an exceptionally rare series and offered in the original works, as well as a limited edition of lithographs (20 pieces per lithograph) and posters, thereby made accessible to everyone. It is important to note that the main piece, entitled The Compassion Suites, will not be available in any kind of replica (no lithographs and no posters), making it unique and powerful.

As of the 1st of February 2019, The Compassion Suites will be presented to the international press as the first volume of Notes by De Groot.

All musical suites are available on a beautiful album under the same name.


Source: Records Gramophonique BV,