CNN goes behind the scenes of the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s major new exhibition on the Dutch Golden Age.

The exhibition delves into the work of Dutch masters including Jan Lievens, Gerard Dou and Rembrandt Van Rijn – with 15 Rembrandt paintings and drawings on show, the largest number to ever be showcased in the Middle East. The exhibition also reunites two pieces by Johannes Vermeer, the first time in over 300 years that the paintings will be side by side.

CNN speaks to a range of art specialists who explain the significance of displaying the artwork in Abu Dhabi.

Key Quotes:

Blaise Ducos, Curator of Dutch Flemish Paintings at Musee du Louvre on the paintings on display in Abu Dhabi:

“We are very much in the hope that this will be a crowd pleaser because those paintings - the sheer quality of these paintings are immense... it’s realistic, you don't need to know a lot in order to enjoy a piece of Dutch art in the 17th century.”

Rose-Marie Mousseaux - Chief Curator of The Dutch Golden Age Exhibition, Louvre Abu Dhabi, on two Johannes Vermeer paintings going on display side by side for the first time in over 300 years:

“The two Vermeers together in this exhibition, and Louvre with Abu Dhabi, is a milestone moment ... this is really new and quite extraordinary. Just to make them together, just to bring so many art pieces together is really fantastic not only here but in the world. Imagine that you have all these master pieces, paintings coming together, and they are telling us so many things. This is really a big deal for us just to show them and to put them in the light in the Louvre Abu Dhabi.”

Manuel Rabate, Director of the Louvre Abu Dhabi on visitors to the attraction:

“We have two types of audience: the tourists, which are representing only sixty percent of the visitors, and forty percent are the residents. On exhibition like that, is at the same time, let's say, a blockbuster and very important names, masterpieces, things that could justify in themselves a trip to Abu Dhabi, 'cause what we are showing is really unique.”


Source: Ketchum Raad