UAE-based metal collective Private Government have started 2019 with the release of their second album Come and Take (created and titled as Μολὼν Λαβέ in Greek) as a very limited “Olympus Bundle” digipak edition, which includes additional segue tracks and a Private Government plectrum in the package. This version is now available in all Virgin Megastore outlets in the country, distributed by Cavo Music, and is also available through CD and other online vendors for international fans. The collective hosted a listening event on Friday 8th at Moto Cafe to celebrate the release.

Inspired by a distant dystopian future, ‘Come and Take’ is a journey focusing on the human spirit’s resilience and endeavour to always rise again in the face of tyranny.

“What I tried to accomplish with this album is to create a timeless record”, says Miltiadis Kyvernitis, founder of Private Government. “I am very proud of what we have produced on this album, and I am certain that we will put Middle Eastern Metal on the global map with the theme we have chosen.”

Miltiadis Kyvernitis is joined on the album by lead guitarist and co-producer Joe Akkawi.

“We have produced something special here”, added Akkawi. “We see this record as a stepping stone in the right direction for the local music scene and we hope to inspire other bands to write, record and release music.”

'Come and Take' features a line-up of guest musicians from a wide variety of musical backgrounds including award winning hip-hop producer Swerte, internationally acclaimed bassist Rami Lakkis, industry vocalist Nadeem Bibby of regional progressive-metal band Anuryzm, guitarist Royden Mascarenhas of Point of View, Serge Lutfi of Aramaic and soul-singing sensation Hamdan Al-Abri of ABRI.

Tracking Listing

1.    End of Days (Τέλος Ημερών)

2.    Come and Take (Μολὼν Λαβέ)

3.    Eyes Wide Shut (Λαγνεία)

4.    Genocide (Γενοκτονίας)

5.    Thermite (θερµίτη) 

6.    Lair of Hela (Πρωτοτοκία)

7.    Tainted with Blood (Αποκάλυψης)

8.    Exodus (Εξοδος) 

9.    Four Minute Men (Ψευδής)

10.Rising Sun (Ἀνατολή)

The album was originally released for digital download and streaming in August last year through all digital music platforms including Spotify, Anghami and Apple Music.


Source: Paz Marketing