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In an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, actress Lena Headey  speaks about the sadness of her final shot and discusses the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones following the release of the trailer for the new season.

On Game of Thrones ending:

“I’m okay, it’s been eight years. I like new things… sadly, my last shot, I just walked down some stairs saying nothing… it’s a bit of freedom now.”

On her character in Game of Thrones:

“Cersei is a product of a deeply anti-female society… the only thing she is desperate for is love and recognition from her father. She loses her mother young so all that she has is this father figure and she’s also in love with her twin brother… she hates her younger brother because he killed her mother during childbirth and her father won’t even give her the eye contact she so desperately craves. She wants to be recognised as the intelligent woman that she is.”

On her experience with Harvey Weinstein:

“I first met Harvey when I was younger and had an experience with him at a film festival. I think I said to him ‘you’re like my Grandad’ and then five years later I did another film and I met him and naively though he wasn’t going to do anything… we were in the lift going to his room to get a script and I got this feeling and I said in the lift ‘I want you to know I’m not here for anything else other then friendship and a job possibly’ and the feeling in the lift was very frightening and the doors opened and he put his hands on my back and marched me to his room… he put the key on the door and it didn’t work which was my lucky day I guess and then he took me downstairs and said ‘never speak of this every f*cking again’. He would deny all of this.”


Source: Ketchum Raad