Culture and Community

The spirit and significance of Christmas in the heart of every Filipino, wherever they may be in the world, is like pulling rabbits from hats - it’s magic. It is the time of year where families and loved ones are cocooned together in the warmth of love, compassion, sharing, and joy that foster more intimate family bondings and gatherings. One of the most treasured traditions that the Filipinos are known for, is the time that they spend together with their families for a solemn and sumptuous banquet that happens the night before Christmas which is called Noche Buena.

As the cultural heart of Japan with more than 1,000 years of history as the imperial capital, Kyoto proudly and proactively protects and cherishes traditional arts and crafts that have blossomed in the city for generations, while acting as a creative hub for artisanal innovation for the future. From Nishijin brocade, Yuzen dying, Kyo-yaki ceramics, traditional doll making, metalwork, bamboo crafts and the creation of lanterns and fans, Kyoto City recognizes 74 artisanal disciplines as original traditional crafts of the city. Most of these crafts are handed down from generation to generation within families, however in recent times, changes in Japanese lifestyle has made it increasingly challenging to keep Kyoto’s unique traditional crafts alive.

With an aim of boosting the Emirate’s burgeoning art landscape, Al Ghurair Centre, the GCC’s first shopping centre hosts another inspiring art exhibition themed ‘Stories of the Nation’. In collaboration with W2W events, the exhibition features some of the finest works by UAE-based artistes that reflect upon unity, peace and cultural diversity.

Charles Perrault’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ took centre stage at the Masrah Al Qasba - Theatre in Sharjah yesterday, taking audiences on a spectacular audio-visual journey created by masterful musical and dance performances. Through a theatrical presentation of this popular fairy-tale, the younger members of the crowd were brought closer to the emotions of love and sacrifice, in a way relatable to them. The show is part of the ‘World of Stories’ series, a collection of children’s edutainment theatre shows running at Masrah Al Qasba Theatre until December 2019.

Sharjah’s first outdoor art festival ‘Reflection’, which is hosted and organised by Al Qasba from 20 - 31 December 2018, will witness the participation of  U.S. Consulate General  who will showcase several 90s movies from media companies like Marvel, Disney, and DC at Masrah Al Qasba - Theatre. The festival seeks to offer the local community an exploratory space for artworks, sculptors, theatre, music, movies, photographs and much more.