From saving money to taking control of educational needs, there are many reasons why parents choose to home school their kids– and a growing number of kids in the UAE are learning at home.

Helping home schooled kids excel in a new way, Little Gladiators has introduced a new schedule of day-time classes, dedicated to Dubai’s thousands of home schooled gladiators.

Running from Sunday to Thursday every week during term time, kids aged 3 to 14 years can enjoy unlimited one-hour classes for a flat fee of AED250 per month, at the first gym for kids, located at Galleria Mall, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

The home school programme runs daily from 10am to 2pm, with classes in gymnastics, kickboxing, karate, swimming, Kung fu, yoga, cardio, aerobics and Zumba. After the home school programme, Little Gladiators will continue to remain open until 8pm for the usual schedule of evening classes.

Little Gladiators co-founder, Javed Gani, said: “Little Gladiators was created to ensure kids get fit and healthy. Most kids’ activity areas only operate at certain times and are aligned to conventional after-school timings. We want to make sure the kids in Dubai who are home schooled are also catered to, so we introduced a special programme designed to meet their needs for physical activity, social interaction and a stimulating change of scenery during an academically challenging day.”

While no official figures exist on the total number of children schooled at home across the UAE, expatriates are able to home school freely, as education laws only apply to UAE citizens.

Home schooling has traditionally presented a way for parents to save money on high school fees, particularly in the past when families only stayed in the emirates for one or two years. Today, the numbers are rising again, with parents able to source academic materials and advice from a growing number of private agencies.

Gani added: “Due to the nature of the environment, home schooling is often very academically focused and presents fewer ways for hard-working kids to get the right amount of exercise for their age and fitness level. Not only do fitness classes help achieve this balance, but they teach their own unique set of skills, including physical skills such as agility, balance and strength, and emotional skills such as self-discipline and strength of mind.”


Source: BR Communications