The Breastfeeding Friends Society, one of the health promotion associations at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, concluded its Breastfeeding Training Program. The program witnessed the participation of 17 trainees and was held for two to three days every week for 6 weeks and for a total of 37 training hours that aimed to prepare breastfeeding counsellors that are able to contribute in educating society on the importance of breastfeeding, and to support mothers facing common breastfeeding problems and refer them to a lactation consultant or a health care provider as required.

The program focused on the topic of breastfeeding and included 2 training levels. The first training level involved the participation of 6 Arab trainees and 11 non-Arab trainees. The first training level provided the trainees with important nutritional information on breastmilk and its benefits to both mothers and their children, in addition to information on the role of breastmilk in decreasing illnesses and sustaining the health of the members of society.
Due to the excellent training that was provided, all of the 17 trainees that completed the first level wanted to participate in the second training level of the program in order to learn more about breastfeeding, to help share that information with other women and mothers, and to participate in promoting the health of the citizens of the UAE. On the final day of the program, the participants were tested in order to measure how much they benefitted from the training program.

Eng. Khawla Al Noman, Head of Breastfeeding Friends Society, said, “The great participation and response to the training programs that are organized by the society proves the interest that women and mothers have on the topic of breastfeeding and its role in protecting and preserving the health of children. The training programs are part of the organization’s vision for a happier and healthier society, which falls under the directives of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah and Chairperson of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs.”

In 2016, the Breastfeeding Friends Society won first place in the 14th Sharjah Award for Voluntary Work, under the category of Best Civil Society Creating Volunteering Opportunities, in appreciation of the association's program that is entitled "We Support Your Natural Choice.” The program helps support breastfeeding mothers by raising awareness on the importance of breastfeeding and breast milk, and by educating the public on the risks of feeding formula milk to infants.


Source: MISBAR Communications