Ever turned on the radio looking for kid-friendly tunes to bop along to with your little ones? Ever turned on the radio looking for quick and effective advice on children, parenting and families? Ever turned on the radio to find something that you and your family will love listening to on car rides home or on road trips?

Well, look no more – Pearl 102FM is here!

Making history as the first-ever English language radio station dedicated to children and their families, Pearl 102FM’s programs are carefully designed to educate, entertain and raise cultural awareness. Broadcasting from Al Jalila Cultural Center for Children, the station plays a significant role in fulfilling His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai's vision by being the first commercial radio initiative for children in the region.

Shows are hosted by presenters who hail from multicultural backgrounds and also includes ‘The Kids Club’, the only radio show in the country that is presented by kids ranging between the ages of 8 and 13. 

Hussein Al Atoli, Station Manager at Pearl 102FM, shares the top 3 reasons why Pearl 102FM is a must-hear for parents and their little ones all over the region.

Learning is just a button away

With fun, educational shows such as The Breakfast Club, Hits & Homework, Fun Fact Hour and The Kids Club, Pearl FM raises discussion on important subjects such as health, safety, the importance of socializing, family and friendship. Shows on the station help children instigate their thought process, amplify their conversational skills through what they hear and directly impact their actions through enjoyable tactics such as asking riddles and questions, hosting competitions, entertaining call-ins, and more.

Focus on imagination

Pearl 102FM plays specially selected tunes that the whole family can enjoy and sing along to. The power of music not only helps children to draw up scenarios and fuel their imagination, but in several cases, increases focus and moderates mood levels. Shows like The Kids Club also encourage little ones to venture into curious topics such as careers.

Not just a kid’s station

While Pearl FM strives to make all content audible and kid-friendly, parents can get their daily dose of expert advice on child development, raising children in a multi-cultural environment, healthy relationships between family members, etc. through shows such as Mums Café where mummies from different backgrounds and key opinion leaders are invited to discuss sensitive subjects such as motherhood and the physical, psychological well-being of mums.


Source: Spread Communications