Medcare, the premium healthcare arm of Aster DM Healthcare group, launched the ‘Medcare Blossoms’ program, devoted to guiding, helping and supporting women on their journey to pregnancy, childcare and motherhood.

The Medcare Blossoms program is aimed at providing care and protecting a woman at all stages of pregnancy, and then guiding her post pregnancy till her child attains the age of 6 years. Upon enrolling in this program, participants are entitled to a range of benefits that will ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery in Medcare Women & Children Hospital. Expecting parents can enrol in this program for free if they are consulting at any of the Medcare facilities in UAE.

Studies suggest that common cultural representations of motherhood as natural, instinctive and enjoyable contribute to the gap between expectations and reality. A ‘good mother’ is seen to be happy, selfless, and patient. Therefore, women often expect motherhood to come naturally and equate ‘negative’ feelings with being an inadequate mother. This can cause women to conceal difficult experiences, leading to mental stress and depression.[i] Thus having the right environment that nurtures a positive and encouraging mind-set is very critical. A mother’s confidence greatly increases as she develops skills and the baby becomes more settled and responsive.

“The process of becoming a mother is challenging, and this concern is not acknowledged in society. Women can feel unprepared for the reality of motherhood and experience a range of emotions such as feeling overwhelmed and drained. Factors which can increase the difficulties include an unsettled baby, unrealistic expectations due to a lack of experience in babycare, and negative birth and feeding experiences. Social support, which includes practical help, information and emotional support, is a key factor in the transition to motherhood. However, many women are unable to get the right support, and the Medcare Blossoms program aims to address this need gap,” expressed Dr. Shamsa Bin Hammad CEO of Medcare Women & Children Hospital

The Medcare Blossom program will provide access to educational sessions that will be conducted at Medcare Women & Children Hospital. These will include trimester-wise education, breastfeeding knowledge, yoga sessions (Pre & Post-natal exercises), baby care – teething, nutrition for infants and children, milestone achievements in a child’s life, vaccinations, emergency care, safety, and school care.

Commenting on the occasion, Ms. Alisha Moopen, Executive Director and CEO of Hospitals and Clinics, GCC, at Aster DM Healthcare said “The birth of a child brings about significant developments in a woman’s life. It changes her emotionally, mentally and physically. During this period she needs all the love, care and support to embrace the new phase of life and cope with challenges. At Medcare, we understand the emotions involved in this unforgettable journey into parenthood and promise to hold your hand through it. We will help your seed of life blossom into a beautiful baby. With the launch of the Medcare Blossom program, we aim to create a safe, nurturing and supportive environment that will help women feel confident about motherhood. The initiative offers a holistic care approach, where our medical experts will guide, educate and mentor new parents at every step of the way, and help them carve a path to happy and healthy parenthood”.

During the sessions, parents will have a chance to interact with leading gynaecologists, paediatricians and childcare specialists from Medcare. It will also give them the opportunity to interact with other parents going through similar experiences. Apart from healthcare specific information, they will receive practical guidance on managing daily life with a baby, as well as emotional support and encouragement, to be able to smoothly embrace the world of motherhood.



Source: Memac Ogilvy Public Relations