With the onset of the winter vacation, young ones across the city will be enjoying a little extra free time this December. Ladybird Nursery is encouraging children to spend time broadening their horizons while they’re on holiday, by getting their little hands on books.

Monica Valrani, CEO of Ladybird Nursery, says: “Reading is a wonderful hobby that both broadens children’s vocabulary and speech capabilities, as well as presents them with different scenarios, cultures, and perspectives from an early age.  This December, we encourage all our students and the wider UAE youth to read as much as possible, ahead of a sure-to-be-busy and productive 2019.”

Some great authors for young children to follow as they embark on a lifelong hobby, include Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton, while slightly older children can enjoy the works of C.S.Lewis, as well as many a classic.

Roald Dhal is best known for his adventure-filled fantasy works, where main characters include animals, people and magical beings, all interacting with one another in his wondrous worlds. Some of his more popular stories are The Big Friendly Giant, James and the Giant Peach and Matilda. Children are able to enjoy his whimsical stories, alongside being able to delight in the funky and colourful accompanying designs.

Enid Blyton has been a widely loved children’s book author for years and continues to be an all-time favourite. Blyton has penned books for the littlest of readers such as the Brer Rabbit Collection, while older readers can follow in the footsteps of the Famous Five as they tackle hair-raising adventures, and the Six Cousins as they go about their merry lives on their farm.

C.S.Lewis is revered amongst the great classical authors, having created the quaint world of Narnia. Children can indulge in the seven books in the series, each of which delves deeper into the stories of Narnia, its history, the children that rule it, and the adventures they encounter. In addition to the fantastic stories, the diction used will certainly have a positive effect on the language skills of young ones.

Other novels that promise a great read over the winter break include:

The Little Princess - Frances Hodgson Burnett
Black Beauty - Anna Sewell
Heidi - Johanna Spyr
Charlotte’s Web – E.B.White
The Harry Potter Series – J.K.Rowling
Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

Valrani goes on to add, “The beauty of reading lies in the fact that it can be enjoyed alone by a child as they explore the world from the comforts of their own home, or alongside family, as they take on everything from the classics to popular series together.”


Source: Q Communications