New KHDA approved enrichment centre for babies and toddlers set to open in Dubai, will focus on right brain development education to accelerate learning potential in early years.


Heguru Centre Dubai is a new KHDA approved enrichment centre exclusively for young children aged 0 to 6 years of age. Specialising in right brain development, the centre which opens in the Motor City in November 2016 will be the first of its kind in the UAE.  Neuroscience tells us that right brain training promotes the development of the whole brain, stimulates emotional intelligence and is the key to unlocking the learning potential in young children. Right brain education offered by Heguru will fill a gap in the market for parents who feel their children are not reaching their full potential in at nursery or kindergarten.

First established in Japan more than 30 years ago, the Heguru concept utilizes right brain development learning programmes and specialised teaching methodologies. The training programme inspires a fun yet focussed learning environment for young children, utilizing visual training aids that nurture a photographic memory and speed-learning capabilities. Neuroscience also tells us that what we learn in our formative years will last a lifetime, so nurturing a child’s ability to use both sides of their brain will provide a wealth of advantages, lasting throughout their educational journey.

Right brain development classes at Heguru are and ideal complement to nursery, kindergarten and pre-school curricular.  Parents will find that the introduction of just one class once a week will be enough to help young children Improve their focus and memory retention. Enhancement and enrichment through Heguru supports bringing out the ‘genius potential’ in a child. When both sides of the brain are used, true confidence and intelligence (intellectual and emotional) can shine, resulting in the best possible start to educational development.  

While the concept of right brain development is new to Dubai, it has been hugely popular around the world where Heguru and other right brain development centres are in high demand. The new enrichment centre offers convenient classes that will fit in with nursery or pre-school timetables, and includes weekend classes to cater to needs of working parents. Commenting about the forthcoming launch of Heguru Centre Dubai, Founding Principal Wilson Lee said “As parents we have a tendency to impose our limiting beliefs about how much our children are capable of learning.  At Heguru we see first-hand how babies and children can develop astonishing abilities in their formative years. Heguru is a complimentary educational tool that parents and teachers can introduce into a typical nursery or home environment. Heguru aims to guide, inspire and support children throughout their early educational journey, giving children the best possible educational advantage” said Lee.

Admissions will be open from 23rd October 2016. For more information about Heguru visit or meet the team at The School and Nursery Show from 28th – 29 October 2016.


About Heguru Centre Dubai

Heguru Centre Dubai is a KHDA approved enrichment centre dedicated to teaching the Heguru early learning philosophy of right brain education and is pending KHDA approval. Aimed at children aged 0 to 6 years of age, the enrichment programme is suitable for children in full time pre-school, kindergarten and nursery and will also be complimentary to home schooling with convenient class timings and in compliment to their nursery or pre-school education.  The Heguru concept of right brain education and enrichment was first conceived in Japan 30 years ago, and has spread internationally as its methodologies and results have won praise by educators and parents alike. Heguru has spread internationally with centres from Singapore to Kuwait, with the first Heguru Centre in the UAE to open in November 2016. Heguru is privately owned entity with its key stakeholders’ based in Dubai and Singapore.     Registered Address: 102 Apex Atrium Building, Motor City, Dubai 


About Right Brain Education

In the 1960s, Dr Roger Sperry performed split-brain learning studies revealing distinct differences between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. His findings inspired new techniques for developing the brain by tapping into both sides of the brain to optimize unique potential strengths. The Heguru concept employs these same scientific findings, creating a teaching concept that was first introduced in Japan.  It has spread internationally, being embraced by parents and children of all nationalities and all cultures throughout the world.

Right Brain Education enhances learning ability so that children are able to absorb new information more quickly and easily. Heguru learning develops students to be more well-adjusted and confident and in their various pursuits.   The improvements have been shown in sports, music, academics, or other aspects of their lives.  The teaching methodologies develop enriched creativity for young children, stimulating a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.


Source: April Hobbs PR Consultancy