Family and Children

The clock struck 4 yesterday at the 37th Sharjah International Bookfair and the little workshop room tucked at the corner of the exhibition hall transformed in to a tiny art school. The session called “Against the Wall” is an interactive edutainment model geared towards enhancing children’s imagination, simultaneously teaching them to face life’s challenges and animosities in a positive way. Paolo Ghezzi who was organising this workshop handed out drawing sheets to children asking them to draw what they didn’t like in life.

It’s finally here – The most fun venue in Abu Dhabi has announced its party plans for Halloween.

Kick back and enjoy the last few days of summer with an afternoon and evening of free pool access and family entertainment at Jebel Ali Recreation Club on Friday 28 September from 4pm to 10pm.

Google announced today the launch of “Abtal Al Internet” (English translation is “Internet Heroes”), a multifaceted program designed to teach children the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety in Arabic. “Abtal Al Internet” provides a range of resources and online activities for children, educators and parents to encourage digital safety and citizenship.

As the retail outlet offering UAE’s largest selection of baby carriers, Eggs & Soldiers has placed its passion for the benefits of babywearing on a platform from the very birth of the brand in 2014.