For the 25th time, “The Italian Luxury Jewellery” will be exhibiting at the MidEast Watch and Jewellery Show from the 4th to the 8th of April 2017, and showcasing 28 of the most representative and exclusive top Italian companies.

No country in the world produces jewellery like Italy does. Whether hand or machine made, Italian goldsmiths manufacture an endless variety of pieces that combine superb artistry and craftsmanship.

In Italy, approximately 9,000 companies are part of the jewellery industry, employing over 32,000 people and are mainly concentrated in four major geographical areas - Vicenza, Valenza, Arezzo and Campania Region. Most of these firms are highly specialized small and medium sized companies, enjoying a diversified product base and exporting very high quality goods all over the world.

At the 42nd edition of the trade show, the Italian Pavilion will host guests at The Italian Lounge, a dedicated area organized by the Italian Trade Agency - ITA, in cooperation with the CNA (Italian Association of Artisans and Small-Medium Enterprises). The Italian Trade Agency, promotes the globalization of Italian firms under the aegis of the Ministry of the Economic Development, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs.

The Italian Lounge will give the exclusive customers visiting the Italian Pavilion the precious opportunity to enjoy and discover the collections in a discreet, “private” and comfortable environment.

To celebrate the Italian Luxury Jewellery, the Italian Lounge will be holding an exclusive cocktail reception on Saturday the 8th, from 6pm to 8pm.


The Italian Luxury Jewellery portfolio will showcase traditional and contemporary work, from 28 Italian master goldsmiths:



All Gold Italy

Auri Tempore

Bellagioia Argento Italiano


Bruno Aristi


Eleven Milano

Fabio Fanfani Italy


Garavelli 1920 Italy

Generoso Gioielli 1970

Gival by Silma


Istanboulli Milano

Jjewels Milano

Leonardo Chilleri

Loredana Corbo Creations

Luca Carati Italy

Micheletto Italy

Nardelli Gioielli


Nicolini Gioielli

Pierpaolo Franchi

Reho Concept

Roberto Casarin

Stanoppi Italy

Tessitore 1888

Vanessa Gioielli


Source: Twister Communications Middle East