Jeans For Refugees by Johny Dar is being exhibited in the Moda Mall, Bahrain and sold to raise funds for the International Rescue Committee.
Dar’s historic collection of hand-painted jeans, donated by celebrities including Jad Choueiri, Randeep Hooda, Hrithik Roshan, Cyrine Abdel Nour and Samira Said, will be available for purchase online throughout the holy month of Ramadan and the Eid holidays.

Buyers can shop those and other international celebrities’ jeans online, including jeans donated by Emma Watson, Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz and Harry Styles - all hand-painted by Johny Dar - at - and avail of the free worldwide shipping promotion until the 7th June using the promo code FREESHIP.

Jeans For Refugees is a Johny Dar initiative dedicated to helping refugees worldwide. More than 100 international celebrities have donated a pair of their jeans for the cause, including A-list stars, Alicia Vikander, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, Usher, Kate Moss, Benicio Del Toro, Karlie Kloss, Sir Elton John, Claudia Schiffer, Harry Styles, Sharon Stone, P!nk and many others.

Each pair of denims is hand-painted by Dar, who transforms them into a unique wearable art piece inspired by the celebrity who donated them. The Jeans For Refugees are then exhibited and sold to raise funds, which are donated to the IRC - an organisation at work in over 30 countries, helping to restore health, safety, education, economic wellbeing, and power to people devastated by conflict and disaster.

The desirable denims will be available for purchase online through, during the exhibition in the Jewellery court of the Moda Mall, from May 24th to June 30th. Audiences can visit the exhibition to immerse themselves in the artworks, choose their favourite jeans, learn more about the cause, and experience the innovation, collaboration and creativity of the Jeans for Refugees initiative in person.

Participants from the film, art, fashion and music industries have donated their jeans including Alicia Vikander, Anna Wintour, Behati Prinsloo, Benicio del Toro, Brain May, Bryan Adams, Camille, Cameron Diaz, Candice Swanepoel, Carla Bruni, Cat Stevens, Chanel Iman, Charlotte Church, Christina Ricci, Christine Taylor, Claudia Schiffer, David Copperfield, Daniel Bruhl, Daniel Radcliffe, Dannii Minogue, Elle Macpherson, Elton John, Emma Watson, Fearne Cotton, Florence Welch, Harry Styles, Heather Graham, Iris Berben, Isabelle Adjani, James Norton, Jane Birkin, Jessie J, Joaquin Phoenix, Jim Broadbent, Julianne Moore, Julio Iglesias, Karlie Kloss, Kate Moss, Lars von Trier, Lily Allen, Marianne Faithfull, Melanie C, Minnie Driver, Naomi Campbell, Nicholas Hoult, Nina Hagen, Ozzy Osbourne, Peaches, Pedro Almodovar, P!nk, Roger Waters, Ryan Gosling, Sadie Frost, Salma Hayek, Sarah Jessica Parker, Selah Sue, Sharon Osbourne, Sharon Stone, Sofia Coppola, Tom Waits, Toni Garrn, Tuppence Middleton, Twiggy, Usher, Victoria Beckham, Vivienne Westwood, Woody Allen and others.

Jeans For Refugees began as Dar’s own personal quest to act in answer to the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time. ‘Jeans For Refugees started as a humble dream of wanting to make a difference through what I can do, on a personal level, which is painting those jeans - and the rest was only possible through the generous souls that have contributed to this project,’ he says, ‘I am honoured and humbled to be a part of this, and grateful to everyone who is supporting this initiative. Your support really means the world, and means a lot to the world, because by coming together for a common cause, great change is possible.’

The celebrities that have come together for Jeans For Refugees are an awe-inspiring range of talented individuals, who have achieved worldwide recognition for their work across many sectors of the entertainment industry. Sharon Stone - whose jeans arrived first - commented, ‘It was my honour to donate anything at all to be of service to these refugees. In our own history around the globe, we, all of us, were moving country to country in our ancestral history to become who we are; a glorious global community.’

The Jeans For Refugees exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London in 2016 attracted more than 20,000 visitors in just one week, and featured a piece donated by Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Al Qasimi, the wife of the ruler of Sharjah UAE, which sold for £100,000. The Jeans For Refugees collection has been showcased in London, New York, Berlin and Milan, and is now showing in the Gulf Region for the first time.

With an award winning campaign generating over 50 billion impressions and worldwide media coverage, Jeans For Refugees is an unprecedented collaboration which celebrates individuality and champions inclusivity, affirming the equal value of every human life and the power of every human being to act for positive change.

Johny Dar is passionate about empowering individual and collective action towards creating a brighter future: ‘Believing in a better world is not just about believing - it’s about acting,’ he explains, ‘Collaborating. Creating the change, we know is possible. The refugee crisis has had an impact on everyone — it moves us all, it concerns us all. Jeans for Refugees is about spreading a message through art, to create positive change and empower people to collaborate for a common goal.’

The paintwork on the jeans may look abstract, but in reality each piece is a customised artistic tribute to the celebrity who wore them. ‘They are artistic expressions representing the dynamic individuals that donated them’ says Dar, ‘Together they form one unified collection, representing support for this humanitarian cause, and bringing more awareness and ultimately more help to those who are suffering the current refugee crisis.’

Jeans For Refugees boldly demonstrates the power of art and fashion to shine a light of hope in the current refugee crisis climate. A conscious campaign that mobilizes audiences to participate, JFR calls upon people to help each other, stand up for their beliefs and dare to live their dreams.

The JFR online shop highlights that the opportunity to participate in the initiative is more than just a shopping experience: “Owning a pair of Jeans For Refugees is more than owning an art investment, or a piece of celebrity memorabilia - it is safeguarding a symbol of hope for a brighter future for humanity” it says.  It is clear that all jeans buyers are not just buying incredible re-designed jeans or Johny Dar artworks - but they are also actively participating in a movement for positive change.

Celebrity, refugee or online shopper; the JFR initiative champions humanity. With its memorable message of innovation, communication and collaboration, Jeans For Refugees is a rich alchemy of talent and dedication, and Dar’s extraordinary creations are a fresh breeze of hope promising a new sunrise on the horizon. 


About Johny Dar

Johny Dar is an artist and designer pioneering an original form of artistic expression through art, fashion, multimedia and music. Dar’s ground-breaking work delivers a new renaissance of artistic expression and experience to a global audience, and has earned him international acclaim across a wide range of media and industries. He founded the Johny Dar brand as a true lifestyle brand, offering a global audience a fresh perspective on the possibilities of life through original experiences in art, fashion, music, multimedia and interior design. Dar’s passion for originality is palpable in every aspect of his work, and his signature style as out- standing in his paintings as his light installations, prints, couture, illustration, sportswear and music. His work has been featured in publications including Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Fault, Hunger, Kaltblut, Aesthetica, Tatler, Flair and many others.


About the IRC

The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, helping to restore health, safety, education, economic wellbeing, and power to people devastated by conflict and disaster. Founded in 1933 at the call of Albert Einstein, the IRC is at work in over 40 countries and 29 U.S. cities helping people to survive, reclaim control of their future and strengthen their communities.


Source: White Water Public Relations