Parah, the Italian famous fashion beachwear, underwear and ready-to-wear brand unveils the new Fall Winter 2017-2018 collections of intimate Parah Clothing and lingerie, expressing luxurious details to be gifted and gifted.

Four lingerie lines are exquisitely completed for the new season, ready to be brought to light and become a true garment. Being the absolute protagonist of the body collection, Parah unveils its lingerie lines with elegance and comfort in the variations of black, blue, pink, bordeaux and diamond, embellished with lace, tulle, satin, embroidery, macramé and microsensitive treatment.

We discover the four collections: Odette, precious and sophisticated, declines in the sign of tulle, silk and a light lace Chantilly. The Romantic Macramé series, as its name suggests, wants to exalt the most romantic side of femininity with the retro air of silk and tulle motif (and here the night dress becomes a must: underwear, nightgown, kimonos or an elegant man-style pajamas).

The Monique line thinks more of the comfort of everyday life without ever losing its elegance; pleasant microsensitive overlaid lace, classic shapes, with so much class. The most gorgeous and colorful, the Pauline series, where printed silk lives of geometries and floral silk that combine harmoniously with a touch of freedom and nonconformity.

Not only intimate, the Parah fall winter 2017/2018 collection is also rich on the front of clothing with a full and multiform dresser, skirts, trousers, blouses, shirts, jackets and shirts, scarves and hats. The Knitwear then rediscovers heads for all your needs, for Soft Stripes (Minimal and Refined), Timeless Chic, Soft Mohair (designed for curvy silhouette) and Outwear.

And for those who go to hot and distant lids even during the cold season, the 2017-2018 Parah Resort collection offers bikini and full costumes

It is the search for a unique and recognizable style and the valorization of craftsmanship and Made in Italy that have always been the founding values ​​of Parah’s creativity.

Discover Parah’s fabulous clothing and underwear new collection for both men and women at Dubai Mall.


About Parah:

Parah, a leading brand in Italian fashion founded in the 1950s by Giovanni Piazzalunga and Edda Paracchini became a huge success in the span of two decades for garments that emphasised a woman’s femininity. Driven by innovation and blending intense product research, it anticipated and pioneered changes in the fashion industry, transforming the swimsuit into an object of pure fashion in the 1970s. Ensuring finest quality in the production and craftsmanship of its products, every step of the production process, from style design to manufacturing with cutting-edge machinery is done in Italy ensuring 100% Made in Italy garments that successfully blend absolute comfort with fashion. It offers four lines: Parah, Impronte Parah, Parah New Generation and Parah Uomo. Parah boutiques can be found across the world in Italy, France, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Holland, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland India and Singapore. Here in the UAE you will find Parah’s store at The Dubai Mall showcasing its Parah Women, Parah Men and Impronte Parah lines.