Today, personal grooming is as important for men as for women as they are also required to maintain their hair and looks to stay ahead of the competition in their personal and professional lives. However, young males look for hair grooming products that can give the desired effect without exerting too much effort. After assessing the needs of young modern men, Dabur International launched a unique two-in-one product; Vatika Styling Gel Cream which has the styling of a gel and nourishment of a cream.


The unique combination of gel and cream allows men to style their hair in various ways and also provides the needed nourishment. The styling hold of the gel keeps hair intact while the cream provides the nourishment necessary for maintaining healthy hair.

Vatika Styling Gel Cream is an alcohol free formulation and has trusted natural ingredients known for hair care and styling. It is available in three variants: Wet Look Wave, Strong Hold Slick, and Extreme Hold Spike. Fortified with aloe vera, honey and jarjeer, Wet Look Wave provides perfect ‘Out of Shower’ looks. Strong Hold Slick, on the other hand, is enriched with lemon, henna and olive extracts and gives a superior hold and glossy shine. Lastly, Extreme Hold Spike is strengthened with cactus, olive and nettle extracts for a long-lasting, gravity-defying extreme hold and intense shine.


Source: Orient Planet PR & Marketing Communications