With the participation of more than 3,000 people; Jordan Fashion Week has concluded its two-day event that took place on March 29th and 30th at Kempinski Amman, with the presence of a wide number of international and local designers, media representatives, partners and supporters in addition to social media influencers with Arabic and international celebrities and public figures.

Through the event; the founder of Jordan Fashion Week, Shirene Rifai thanked all partners, supporters and guests saying “We are honored to have you all today through our special platform that aims to reflect the culture of fashion and creativity in Jordan; while offering a new meaning for beauty and fashion through its implied messages that holds national, humanitarian and loyalty aspects.”

And added: "Your presence today will surely enhance the success of our platform as you are the cornerstone in transmitting the human culture at a time when the world needs such spirit."

Various fashion shows and presentations by local and international designers took place throughout Jordan Fashion Week. Which were widely covered by local and international media. Jordan Fashion Week has provided local designers with the opportunity to meet and interact with other global audiences and showcase their work to buyers and investors from different countries.

Jordan Fashion Week embodies the fashion industry in Jordan, whereby its activities have been reflected through fashion shows, presentations and showrooms that highlighted the summer collections of our local designers whixh witnessed massive local and international media coverage. Moreover, JFW has contributed in offering several opportunities for the local designers to meet, interact and showcase their talent to buyers, fashion designers and fashion experts from around the world.

It is worth mentioning that, the audience have expressed their admiration for the professionalism of the organization of the event, which reflected the true image of the fashion industry and culture in Jordan.

Jordan Fashion Week is a platform that has offered uncountable messages that included encouraging young local talents to spread their creativity within the fashion field while offering job opportunities and inspiration to the whole community. This platform aimed at providing an extraordinary opportunity for local talent to cement Jordan’s presence in the fashion world, surpassing the ordinary by formulating humanitarian efforts, tackling economic issues to support tourism, in addition to being a platform for local designers to expand globally.

Main Partners are:

- Jordan Tourism Board

- Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

- Ayla Oasis

- Royal Jordanian

- Capital Bank

Other Partners:

-          Infiniti

-          Magma Lifestyle and Fitness Center

-          ZAY

-          AIRPORTRAY

-          Aquafina

-          W Amman Hotel

-           Orange

-          UNHCR MENA

-          Concept Events

-          Bridges PR & Events

-          IsaDora

-          Milk shake

-          Roya TV

-          Mr. A Events

-          Amman TV

-          Careem

-          Energy

-          Play FM

-          Sawt Al Ghad


Source: Jordan Fashion Week