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It’s time to give your hands and feet the attention they deserve! Innovative skincare brand STARSKIN® introduces its unique, patented double-layer technology Hollywood Hand Model™ Hand Mask Gloves and Walk Of Fame™ Foot Mask Socks – the best way to repair, rejuvenate and soften even the roughest hands and feet in just 15 to 20 minutes.


Dry and tired-looking hands and feet are a dead giveaway to one’s true age – and celebrities maintain theirs with only the best pampering treatments Hollywood has to offer.

STARSKIN® co-founder Nicole Arnoldussen says, “Our hands and feet are often neglected when you compare how much beauty attention we give the rest of our body. However, these are the quickest to show our true age.”

Patented Double-Layer Technology Masks

STARSKIN® brings you the secret behind movie-star hands and feet with the unique Double-Layer Technology, the latest in pioneering at-home spa technology. Their hand mask treatment is essentially two gloves – one for each hand, while the foot mask comes in the form of socks which fit snugly over the feet.

Each of the masks has two layers: A micro-thin inner layer is deeply saturated with a powerhouse serum, and a protective outer layer that enhances thermal action. Together, these layers work synergistically to create a sauna-like effect to enhance fast penetration of the active ingredients for youthful, intensely softer hands and feet.

“Our innovative Double-Layer Technology hand and foot masks are perfect for both men and women of this region and people who are always on-the-go, with no time to care for your hands and feet. They are easy to use: Simply tear open the sachet, and wear it over clean hands or feet, and you can sit back and enjoy your evening. Meanwhile, our powerhouse serum – infused with a blend of more than 16 botanicals – work on nourishing and rejuvenating your tired hands and feet. It’s essentially a hand and foot spa at your own time, and own place.”

STARSKIN®’s Hollywood Hand Model™ Double-Layer Hand Mask Gloves and Walk Of Fame Foot Mask Socks (39.00 AED each) are now available at Sephora Middle East.

All STARSKIN® products are made in Korea, and are free from parabens, silicone, mineral oils, sulphates and synthetic dyes.

Hollywood Hand Model™ Nourishing Double-Layer
Hand Mask Gloves

STARSKIN®’s Hollywood Hand Model™ provides the ultimate treatment for your hands, enveloping them in a collagen-rich serum formulated with deeply hydrating Shea Butter and a blend of 16 botanical ingredients and oils. Safflower oil softens dry skin and improves the skin’s barrier function while antioxidant- and Vitamin E-rich Argan oil nourishes and rejuvenates. Perfect for a pampering session before, after or even during your manicure (cutting off the glove tips), these glove masks will repair your cuticles, and leave you with soft, youthful looking hands that you’d love to show off.

Walk Of Fame Nourishing and Cooling Foot Mask Socks After a long day or late night out, our feet are tired, sore, and in serious need of some TLC. STARSKIN®’s Walk of Fame™ foot mask socks contain a powerhouse serum infused with soothing and calming chamomile, anti-inflammatory green tea, purifying rosemary, and deeply hydrating Safflower oil.

The best part? Put on the mask socks for a relaxing 20-min foot spa in the comfort of your home, and see the results of a professional spa treatment. Try STARSKIN®’s Walk of Fame™ and boast celebrity skin from head to toe, literally!



A flawless, stunningly perfect complexion. A healthy, radiant glow, as if lit from within. Every woman has wondered what the beauty secrets are behind the effortlessly glamorous movie stars that glide down the red carpet. With the launch of STARSKIN®, Hollywood’s best-kept beauty secrets are now revealed.

STARSKIN® was created from the expertise of celebrity dermatologists and aestheticians, and sourced from Korea, the origin of some of the world’s most advanced skincare technologies.

Among their innovative collection, STARSKIN®’s star products are its range of Bio-Cellulose sheet masks, a next-generation mask technology considered by experts to be the gold standard for treating skin. STARSKIN®’s Glowstar™ Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff and its Double-Layer Technology Hand and Foot Masks are also widely recognized for effectively delivering professional spa treatments and results to home users.


Awards won

Since the launch of STARSKIN in Europe and the Middle-East in September 2015, STARSKIN® won:

Mar 2016: The Beauty Shortlist Awards UK
Best Exfoliating Product: Glowstar™
Best Face Mask (Men): Leading Man™

Mar 2016: ASTIR Beauty Awards (Netherlands)
Newcomer of the Year: STARSKIN® full range of products
Best Retail Brand (3RD prize): STARSKIN® full range of products


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