Fashion and Beauty

Modern Woman Show, the premium lifestyle exhibition for women made its grand debut at Dubai World Trade Centre, Hall 1, amidst elite brands, inspirational seminars and fashion shows. The shopping plus fun extravaganza, scheduled to be held between 17th to 19th December from 11am to 9pm, was inaugurated by H.E. Mona Ghanem Al Marri, Director General of Government of Dubai Media Office.

Gone are the days when good grooming for men meant only a barber cut, a shave, and clean clothes. Today, it requires much more than the basics to look presentable and create a lasting impression on others. The art of personal care is becoming a daily routine for men to enhance their appearance and personality, with hair grooming as an integral part.

Hair massage is an age-old tradition that is followed by women of many cultures all over the world. It is a simple yet highly effective procedure to get stronger, thicker and shinier hair. Hair massage with a nourishing oil enable essential nutrients to seep into the scalp, resulting in increased blood circulation, exfoliation of hair follicles, and strengthening of the roots and shaft. It also eliminates the occurrence of the common hair problems such as dandruff, dry, flaky and itchy scalp, split ends, and hair fall. Hair massage as a regular practice as a part of the total hair care regime results in long and healthy hair and a revitalized scalp.

Traveling about has become a significant part of any lifestyle: whether vacations or business trips, conferences or spontaneous getaways. Each kind of trip has its own demands on the kind of luggage that’s necessary: so it’s really important to plan in advance!

An infant’s skin is 30 per cent thinner than that of an adult’s and so it needs extra special attention during the first few years of life. Since it can lose moisture quickly and is prone to irritation, a baby’s skin needs the mild and gentle care of natural hygiene products that can help maintain an ideal pH balance. Dermoviva launched its new Baby range of products that is developed to provide careful protection and nourishment to an infant’s soft and tender skin.