JLT, the beautiful development surrounded by three of Dubai’s most dazzling lakes, welcomes a refreshing and exciting concept to its presence on the 26th of September 2017; Via Vita, a restaurant located in Cluster V that is prepped and ready to become the most talked about Mediterranean hotspot in Town!
Inspired by the streets of Southern Italy, Via Vita brings Nonnas traditional cooking and authenticity straight to your table by presenting great Italian food made with love. Family, friends and foodies alike are invited to indulge in our Mediterranean cuisine with influences from Italy.
The brand-new menu offers a plethora of options for you to feast on such as an exclusive Bruschetta Bar with multiple toppings to try, or its very own Deli Counter with a selection of traditional cheeses and cold cuts of meat. Not to mention the vast choice of freshly made Starters, Salads, Pastas, Mains Red & White Pizzas, and Desserts paired with only the best Italian beverages and phenomenal value for money. All of this and more will also be available for delivery straight to your door, just pick up the phone or go to our website and place your order to have your very own batch of Italian culinary excellence brought to you.
Fronted by The OmNom Project, the venue features a cool Mediterranean interior and is filled with an abundance of inspirations from Italy with dashes of turquoise, light blues and pales greens as well as its very own olive tree and a real Vespa to put you right in the heart of the Italian streets.
**Via Vita Menu**
(All prices in AED)
Bruschetta Bar
Daily bread selection with its condiments - 10
Bruschetta with cherry tomatoes - 26
Bruschetta with bacon, broad beans, blue cheese - 28
Bruschetta with roasted pumpkin and goat cheese - 27
Bruschetta with wild mushrooms and Taleggio - 27
Deli Counter
Selection of 3 Italian farmed cheese - 44
Selection of 3 Italian cold cuts - 42
A fine selection of cheese, cold cuts and delicatessen from the display - 65
Frittura of eggplant croquettes, zucchini fritters and Arancini - 15/43
Baked eggplant Parmigiana - 38
Heirloom tomatoes and Burrata salad in a jar - 39
Luciana-style baby octopus served with crusty bread - 40
Grilled calamari skewers served with lime-avocado salsa - 42
Fresh Salads
Traditional Contadina - 34
Mixed greens, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, onions and olives
Rucola - 37
Rocket leaves, blue cheese, walnut and balsamic
Classic Caprese - 36
Classic combination of tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese
Fregola - 38
Fregola with cherry tomatoes, black olives, feta cheese, capsicums, red onions
Paccheri with slow-cooked beef chunks and tomato in a rich ragout sauce - 49
Homemade gnocchi Sorrentina style - 39
Pappardelle with finely minced veal, onion and carrots Genovese style - 44
Penne with smoked eggplant and ricotta Siciliana style - 36
Mixed vegetable lasagna in traditional sauce - 40
Linguine with mixed seafood and shellfish - 74
Risotto with baby prawns, asparagus and lemon - 42
Risotto with porcini mushroom - 55
Main Course
Portobello mushrooms stuffed with goat cheese and mixed herbs - 39
Pan fried cod fillet with olives, capers and tomato - 49
Grilled wild salmon fillet with Fregola salad - 59
Grilled tiger prawns served in light butter with lemon capers and parsley sauce - 68
Flame-grilled baby chicken with rosemary and baby potatoes - 56
Tenderloin tagliata with rucola - 64
Slow-cooked, sticky short-ribs with spring salad - 56
Grilled lamb chops with mixed herbs and lemon - 85
Almond and chocolate Caprese cake - 26
Tiramisu - Lady fingers with coffee and Mascarpone cheese - 24
A scoop from a selection of homemade gelato and sorbetti - 15/25/35
Look for grandma’s daily special
Drinks and Beverages
Pepsi & Soft Drinks - 10
Espresso - 10
Americano - 12
Macchiato - 12
Latte - 14
Cappuccino - 14
Mocha - 14
Tea - 10
1 L Water - 13
500ml Water - 8
Tassoni Cedrata - 10
Lemonade - 15
Curiosity Cola - 15
Victorian Lemonade - 15
Mandarin Lemonade - 15
Business Lunch
Your choice of:
Pasta + Salad + Soft Drink - 49
Pizza + Soft Drink + Coffee or Dessert - 49
Red Pizza
Margherita - 39
Mozzarella cheese and fresh basil on a tomato base
Napoli - 36
Fresh garlic, anchovies and oregano on a tomato base
Salami - 43
Smoked spicy beef salami and Mozzarella cheese on a tomato base
4 Seasons - 48
Artichokes, mushrooms, black olives and turkey ham on a tomato base
Bresaola & Rughetta - 49
Taleggio cheese, wild rocket and bresaola on a tomato base
Parmigiana - 41
Mozzarella cheese and eggplant on a tomato base
White Pizza
4 Cheese - 48
A delicious combination of Mozzarella, Taleggio, Parmesan and Gorgonzola cheese
Funghi - 43
A mix of wild mushrooms in a delicate combination of Taleggio and Mozzarella cheese
Salmone - 47
Smoked salmon, Mozzarella cheese, capers and red onions
Crudaiola - 45
A simple and classic combination of fresh cherry tomatoes and rich buffalo Mozzarella cheese
About Via Vita
Via Vita, meaning ‘street life’, is a casual dining Italian restaurant inspired by the streets of Italy, serving classic Italian dishes with a focus on delivery as well as dine-in. Located in JLT Cluster V, Via Vita opened in September 2017 and brings the traditional cooking of an Italian Nonna to Dubai and offers an experience more authentic than any other in the region.
About The Omnom Project
The Omnom Project is a Food & Beverage development and management company committed to developing world-class innovative concepts with the aim to expand them regionally and globally
Source: MO4 Network