Airbnb, the global travel community that offers magical end-to-end trips, is currently celebrating its ten-year anniversary. Whilst you may well have heard about Airbnb or even used it, but there are probably a lot of things you don’t know about this mega travel platform! Here’s our top ten list of unusual or lesser known facts:

1.       It’s the only air mattress that was ever turned into a global business

Airbnb was founded in 2008 by roommates and former schoolmates who couldn’t afford the rent of their apartment. Which is why they devised a brilliant yet simple idea to earn a few bucks by putting three air mattresses in their living room and renting them out to travellers who struggled to find a place to stay. Airbed & Breakfast was born (and later shortened to Airbnb).

2.       Airbnb loves to celebrate!

Holidays, festivals and events are perfect occasions for travellers to discover new cities, enjoy local experiences and connect with new people. A hike in traveller numbers means a spike in Airbnb bookings. An excellent example was New Year's Eve 2017 that saw some three million people staying in accommodations listed on the site, making it Airbnb’s busiest night to date.  This summer, whilst football fever grips us all, Airbnb estimates that 177,000 guests have booked its 60,000 Russian homes to catch the matches.

3.       Airbnb offers novelty lodging ideas

It’s safe to say that Airbnb users like adventure, seeking out accommodation that differs from the ordinary hotel-type lodging. As with many things in life, personality is key and Airbnb excels in this regard, listing nearly 3,000 castles and 1,400 treehouses. From bunk beds, to lighthouses and summer cottages, Airbnb has something for every taste and budget!

4.       Airbnb went beyond just homes in 2016

Airbnb is no longer just a home-sharing platform. In 2016, it went beyond the home and launched ‘Experiences’, a service that enables travellers to connect with locals who share their passions to do unique activities at their destination. From cooking street food in Dubai to baking original baguette in Paris to crafting clothes in Nairobi, ‘Experiences’ offer new ways to see a city beyond the usual tourist attractions – each visit to the same city can be different every time.

5.       There once was an entire country listed on Airbnb

In 2017, Sweden made history by turning its entire country into a listing on the Airbnb platform. The collaboration between Airbnb and Visit Sweden promoted the country's "freedom to roam" principle ("allemansrätten") which gives people the right to freely explore all public spaces across the country. The campaign quickly went viral and news outlets around the world reported on the biggest Airbnb listing ever.

6.       20 entire soccer teams check into Airbnb every minute

You read that correctly!  More than 200 guests check into an Airbnb home somewhere around the world every single minute. That means that 12,000 guests check into an Airbnb home at any given hour, enough people to fill an entire Olympic stadium!

7.       Becoming a Superhost is actually quite straight forward

In fact, all it takes is consistency and a natural passion for providing guests with authentic and hospitable moments. In fact, any host automatically qualifies for Superhost status if he or she responds to at least 90% of inquiries; has hosted up to ten or more guests and been reviewed by more than half of them; has maintained at least a 4.8 overall rating, and has had no track record of cancellations - aside from life’s unavoidable, urgent moments!

8.       Airbnb is not just for Millennials

Seniors citizens are just as cool in the Airbnb family, making up Airbnb’s fastest growing and best loved demographic. In the United States alone, almost 78,000 of those over 60 years old share their homes with travellers via Airbnb, heling them raise an average of $7,000 USD per year to supplement pensions and help cope with the rising costs of living.

9.       The most booked listing on Airbnb is a treehouse!

Located outside of Atlanta, Georgia our host built this magical little hideout years ago - but never thought about renting it out to guests until he learned about Airbnb. The treehouse is now Airbnb’s most wished-for listing in the world, with over 300,000 site visits per month and hundreds of thousands of people saving it to their Airbnb "Wish Lists." For those who always wanted to be a child again - at AED 1,419 a night, this might be your last chance.

10.   We heart the UAE…

There are now more than 6,700 listings in the UAE and hosts here have hosted more than 90,000 guests from around the world in their homes. Those include apartments, penthouses, lofts and entire villas. The future’s looking bright for Airbnb in the UAE!


Source: TOH PR